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Personal Injury claims have really boomed over the last few years. Any business owner with staff runs the risk of being hit with a personal injury case if an employee suffers a work-related accident. Therefore it has never been more important for businesses to know the best way to protect themselves from these expensive legal situations.

Identify High-Risk Areas

Personal injury claims can severely damage your reputation and deplete your bank account so the first place to start, by trying to avoid them is to identify any specific areas where an accident is likely to happen. Hallways with slippery surfaces, that get wet very easily when it rains, are a melting ground for slips and falls so make sure you have this area covered and safe whenever there is bad weather. Think about signs or caution cones, that you can put up in an area like that to pre-warn people of the slippery surfaces
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Hidden steps that are easy to miss are also a major place that people can have a nasty accident. A lot of personal injury claims come from the most normal and average of areas, but because the potential hazard has not been highlighted then simple accidents happen, that could very easily have been avoided.

Organized Office

An office with boxes, files, and clutter lying around is presenting a whole host of potentially hazardous situation. Slips, trips, and falls can come from all sorts of office clutter left hanging around so make sure that you are being really strict with your staff about keeping their desks, communal areas and pathways clear and clutter free. Also, you will want to make sure that any potentially hazardous cleaning practices, like mopping the floor, is left until after working hours, when all employees have left the building.

Display Safety Certificates

It’s a good idea for any office to place all business licenses and certification in a public place. Any safety certifications, regarding safety, are really important and they should be placed somewhere where your staff can see them. Not only does this let your staff know that you are doing everything that you can to keep them safe on the work premises but also they will also know that you have fully protected yourself from any legal case as you have all the correct licenses and insurance.


All staff should receive training on basic health and safety and also training on the use of their machinery and equipment that they operate. Ensuring that staff are properly trained in whatever they are doing means that you can drastically reduce a number of accidents that happen with staff, second guessing what they are supposed to be doing or trying to figure out how something works.

Regular Meetings

Organize regular meetings with your staff. A united and harmonious team is far less likely to want to go legal on any minor accidents. Staff that feel disconnected and that there isn’t a tight-knit community at work is far more likely to feel ok suing the company that they work for. So make sure that you are promoting a strong, healthy and happy team and that you organize regular weekly meetings to make sure your team feel listened to and that any issues that come up for them, can be discussed with you in an open and supportive way.


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