By Lina Martinez

If you’re somebody who enjoys staying fit, or somebody who wants to, you may have considered getting an activity tracker at some point or another. There are so many different types of trackers out there. There are trackers with screens, trackers that send information to your phone, and trackers that look like stylish bracelets. However, it’s important to know whether getting one of these will help you or hinder you.

If you’re somebody who has been into fitness for a while, chances are, getting a fitness tracker could help you to improve and break out of any plateaus. They can measure your sleep, steps, heart rate, and many other useful things to give you an indication of where you can improve.

However, if you’re somebody who simply wants to get fit, a fitness tracker could hinder you. It’s easy to get too overwhelmed with all of the information when you’re just starting out. It can also be a false start for many people, who think purchasing this tracker will automatically send them off to the gym. It won’t. Instead, it’s probably best to get into a good routine first, and then get a tracker when you know it’s something you’ll keep up with.

Trackers definitely do work, but they’re best for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Chances are, if you drop a ton of money on a tracker before you’ve even joined a gym, you won’t enjoy using it and it could even demotivate you. Want to learn more about the future of sports? Look at this infographic!

credit to Adelphi Sports Management Online

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