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It can be met with mixed emotions. Perhaps you’ve been out of work for a long time due to circumstances beyond your control, or you’ve had the opportunity to take your time to look for a rewarding career. But whatever you’ve been through, when you start a new job after being unemployed for a long time it can be one of those overwhelming components that is fraught with new beginnings, good and bad. Going back to a job can seem like everything is going right again, but also, it can be very intimidating. What are the things that you should think of when starting a new job after a long period of unemployment?

Getting Yourself Match Fit

It’s important to remember that you keep yourself like a well-oiled machine. After a long period of unemployment, you get used to certain routines that don’t fit the daily grind. As well as this, you need to think about keeping yourself in the right state, physically and mentally. A pre employment medical can help you to see if there’s anything that needs addressing, especially if you’ve been off due to a long period of illness. As well as this, think about getting into the routine way before you start the job. Sometimes there’s not a chance, especially if you are informed on the Friday you’ve been successful and you start the Monday after. But, what you can do in the short-term is to prepare yourself mentally.

Minimizing Anxiety

It’s scary. There are going to be moments where you don’t feel equipped to deal with it. But this is all parts of getting into a new routine. Finding ways to calm your anxieties isn’t just about something like mindfulness or meditation, which can be impossible in the midst of a busy office. What you can do, is take a leaf out of those in positions of power; they “prime” themselves for their day. One of the great things that we can all do is embrace the power of positive self-talk. By giving ourselves the chance to talk ourselves through the day before we get to the office, it helps us to retain some control but it also gives us the chance to go through everything. This desensitizes us to the intimidating aspects. 

Don’t Compare It To Your Last Job

One of the big mistakes we can all make is that we get into the routine of our last job. This isn’t a productive way to go about things, especially if your last job didn’t end in a satisfactory manner. Instead of this, look at it as a new beginning, and make it a chance to reinvigorate yourself, develop new positive relationships, new goals, and reinvent yourself. It’s a big thing you’re jumping into, but this doesn’t mean you have to settle back into your old ways. The big mistake we can always make is comparing it to our last job and start to do things the way we used to because we think this is a way to keep afloat. Instead, prepare yourself for a few weeks of your head feeling full of information. It gets easier, and remember to keep yourself adequately fueled, and give yourself a break! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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