Car accidents happen far more often than we like to admit. If you’ve never been in one, then you’re probably in the minority. Since the very first car accident, people have been working on ways to reduce their frequency and make the roads a safer place.

Now, with rapid advancements in modern technology, there’s one fundamental question; can tech put an end to auto accidents for good?

We know there are already vehicle safety systems and other things in place to help prevent accidents or make them less deadly. But, will we ever reach a point where there are barely any accidents on the roads?


What causes car accidents?

So many things can cause one car to crash into something else. Speeding is a major one, as is reckless driving or driving while drunk. But, if you speak to a car accident lawyer, they tend to say the main cause is distracted driving. If you’re not fully attentive – because you’re texting or singing along to some tunes – then there’s a high chance an accident will happen.


How can technology help?

By looking at some causes, we can try to see ways technology might help prevent accidents. As mentioned before, we have vehicle safety systems that are already trying. They have things like automatic braking sensors that help a car come to an emergency stop if the driver isn’t paying full attention. Surely, as time goes by, this technology will get even better and can help negate some of the accidents caused by distracted driving.

Likewise, we could maybe see things like lane control or assisted steering technology that kicks in when someone swerves out of a lane and corrects it for the driver. Again, this can stop distracted driving accidents, and reckless driving as well.

To add to this, there is already a piece of technology out there that’s used to restrict the speed a car can reach. Things like this can easily prevent speeding and reduce accidents caused by that factor.

Thinking further into the future, what if someone developed a sensor that worked like a breathalyzer test and locked a car down if high levels of alcohol were detected in the driver. This would be potentially revolutionary as it stops drunk people from driving and causing fatal accidents.

Then, we have the idea of humans not even driving cars at all. Autonomous car technology is kind of the big thing right now, but would an AI controlled car be safer or not? If all cars ended up controlled by AI, then it’s possible.

Will technology put an end to car accidents?

I doubt we’ll ever live in a world where there are no car accidents. But, if car safety technology keeps advancing at the current rate, then we’ll 100% see fewer auto accidents. It’s all about coming up with technological solutions to address the main causes of accidents. Think about how much money and how many lives are lost to car accidents all over the country. This is definitely something car manufacturers should be focusing on, and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

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