By Sharon Jones

We all work hard for our money, don’t we? Why would any of us want to spend more than we need to? We wouldn’t, and yet, most people are wasting their money without even realizing it. If you use the quick and helpful tips here, you can stop wasting your hard earned cash right away:

Compare Utility Suppliers

If you haven’t compared utility suppliers for years now, you can pretty much guarantee you’re wasting money on your bills. You should check with new suppliers every year, and switch if you can get a cheaper deal. Utility bills often end up taking up a huge portion of our finances, but that doesn’t mean we should just allow costs to rise. It’s easy to switch and you’ll save a fortune.

Stop Taking Kids Shopping With You

Taking kids shopping with you can double your bill, especially when they’re asking to add things to the trolley. If you can, leave them at home or with a babysitter while you do the weekly shop.

Be More Eco Friendly

You don’t have to install solar panels (although doing this will really help the environment) – there are so many small but effective changes you can make to help the environment and your purse. Change your light bulbs, and pay more attention to the water you use. It all helps!

Want some more tips that will help you to use your money smarter? Here are 20 tips that can help you to save in a stress free way:

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