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While sports are a great hobby we can do in our spare time, there’s nothing better than getting to do them for a week or two. After all, you can sharpen up your skills. And one sporting holiday which can tick all the boxes is a golfing holiday. After all, you get to try and score a hole in one while soaking up the beautiful weather. And you can often have amazing surroundings while you are playing. And it’s a social sport with plenty of time for chit chat with your family! However, if you are going to go on a golfing holiday, you need to ensure you pack some essentials. In fact, here are a few items you must remember to pack when you are headed on a golfing holiday.

Good headwear

A lot of people choose to go somewhere really hot for their golfing holiday. After all, there is nothing better than pitching while enjoying the glorious sunshine. But if you are going to be out all day in the hot sun, you need to make sure you protect yourself. After all, the hot sun could cause you to get sun stroke. And if you have no sun protection, you could even end up with a burnt scalp. Therefore, you must pack good headwear which will protect you when you are out in the sun. That way, you can enjoy hours out in the sunshine without risking a burnt head! And remember to get a good pair of sunnies so you can still have a clear view when it’s your turn to swing your clubs!

A sturdy golf bag

It’s likely you will want to take your own clubs on holiday with you. After all, it can feel weird using someone else’s when you are golfing abroad. And it can be expensive if you do have to rent them from a golfing resort. However, if you decide to take your own, you need to ensure you get a sturdy golf bag which will keep them safe on the flight over. After all, you don’t want them to get damaged! Therefore, make sure you have a good look online for the different bags available. In fact, if you look on sites like, you can find a good range of bags which are perfect for traveling. And make sure you check any weight limits before packing your golf clubs. After all, you don’t want to be charged an excess fee!

Golf shoes

It’s easy to just pack flip flops when you are going on your holiday. After all, you don’t want your feet to overheat in that warm country. But as it says on, to ensure you play golf properly while you are on your hol, make sure you don’t forget your golfing shoes. After all, you want to be comfortable and free from pain Otherwise, if you are in the wrong shoes, it might cause you to have a poor game. And remember to always pick a pair which are moisture-wicking. After all, it’s likely your feet will get hot and sweaty while playing in a foreign country.

And remember to check if there is a dress code at the resort. While some places are happy for you to play in shorts and a t-shirt, others can require formal wear!

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