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We love our sports on this section of the web and 2017 is an epic year for this passion. There are so many incredible sporting events happening around the year annually and you’d be crazy to miss out on some of them. Here are the best global sporting events you can start getting excited about right now.

Tennis Is Back

Yes Wimbledon will be kicking off in a few months and that means we can look forward to everyone getting out there and taking to the courts. As for the tournament itself, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. England will obviously be hoping that Andy Murray will rise to the challenge once more but it’s definitely going to be a heated competition.

Formula 1

The F1 season began in march and will race onwards until late November. Lewis Hamilton has already won the Chinese Grand Prix and we’re sure he’s hoping to pass the finish line first in a few others as well. The races are always worth a watch, if not just for the insane crashes.

The World Cup Begins

Of course, the biggest sports event that starts this year is the world cup. The qualifier matches are being laid out right now to find out who is going to make the final cut. Will America make it through again? Is Scotland in with a chance? And does it even matter when Brazil are sure to wipe the floor with every team? If you’re interested, do make sure that you check out the infographic below for the full knockout stages.

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