Are you an INTJ or an ENTP?  If that doesn’t make sense, you’ve probably never taken a Myers Briggs test!  

But what does all of this have to do with running your own business?  

We’ll tell you…


In essence, these groupings are introverts and extroverts – with a few other defining characteristics thrown in.. And it’s useful to know where you fit on this spectrum – because it really can help you succeed.

What are the true features of introverts and extroverts? 

There are distinct features that define people, quite broadly, as being a bit more in one camp or another.  If you’re self reflective, contained and thrive in your own company, for example, then you’re introverted. And if your energy comes from being with others, bouncing ideas around – you’re an extrovert.

So how does this affect you in business?

Well, people with both traits can really thrive in business, once they understand what they’re best at.  Or might need to work on. Their strengths and weaknesses, if you like – in this particular situation.

The introvert

Self employment can be a great option for an introvert because it allows you to control your own environment.  


What opportunities are there?

There are lots of business opportunities that suit introverts – from blogging and web design to floristry. Anything that allows you precious time to yourself and reflects your analytical, creative mind will suit you.

What are the challenges?

A big stumbling block can appear around networking – as this doesn’t always come naturally to an introverted person. And in getting overwhelmed by the range of tasks you need to be responsible for when you start up.. 

What are the solutions?

Try to focus on what you do best – if networking is difficult, focus more on online marketing, perhaps.  But don’t hide away from attending events or face to face meetings. Ease yourself in gently and you’ll gradually build a more rounded skill set.

Set boundaries for yourself

It’s really important to have regular quiet time to reflect – if you’re an introvert – to get inspired and recharge your batteries. So set boundaries, take regular breaks and dont be afraid to ask for help.and advice..

Find like minded people

Try to build a supportive community you connect with around you – become a member of a social network like for example.  

The extrovert

You don’t tend to be a shrinking violet about self promotion or networking, do you – if you’re honest?  But spending time alone is where you can come really unstuck – if you’re not careful.

That’s because extroverts tend to find it easier to solve problems, get energised and tap into ideas in a group setting. And you love interaction. 

So consider opportunities that will bring you into contact with lots of people. Business coaching, running a shop, bar or cafe – even perhaps a salesperson or speaker.


And, if your work is by nature more isolating, try to maximise client sessions, skype meetings and other interactions. Or try co-working.

In conclusion

We hope you’ve found this post useful, if you’re unsure whether going into business is the right option for you.  We think, whatever personality type you are, there are great reasons to become your own boss.

Good luck…

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