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Keeping fit can be hard in itself, yet when you are traveling a lot it can be particularly difficult.  Whilst there are many holiday activities to keep you moving, it can be challenging to find the motivation to regularly keep on top of your fitness when traveling a lot, as most people need a regime they follow which has an element of regularity in order to commit to a particular fitness program.

Similarly, some people need the motivation and accountability that comes from having a personal trainer, which is obviously much harder when you are traveling a lot.

Of course, if you’re travelling to somewhere that means you’ll be in the great outdoors it can be a lot easier to stay active, as you might find you just need some decent basketball shoes from that enable you to take part in a number of activities without needing any special equipment or the constraints of a gym membership.

That said, travelling in unfamiliar environments, particularly in cities can make it hard to get access to the gym and sports equipment you might be used to – and whilst you can spend all your time searching for local gyms that cater for visitors, this can end up being an expensive and somewhat tedious pursuit to keep doing if you are travelling around different cities all the time, rather than being located in just one place, in which case a temporary gym membership would suffice.


Here are five easy ways you can keep fit whilst on your travels.

  1. Take Your Exercise Classes With You is the world’s leading provider of fitness classes, as it is the owner of systems such as Body Pump, Body Combat and GRIT – that are found in the most popular gyms throughout the world.

Today, you can download an app that for around $10 a month gives you access to on-demand video versions of their most popular classes; meaning you can do this in your hotel room, or even in the local park.

  1. Swim

Swimming is one of the best ways to keep in shape, so if you can find a hotel with a decent pool (i.e. at least 25 meters in length) then you can get a decent workout without having to leave your hotel.

  1.  Jog

Jogging is one of the most popular forms of exercises for travelers as all you need are some decent shoes, tunes, and a route to run.  This is a great way to see more of the destination you are visiting too and can be a sociable form of exercise if you join a local running club for a one-off session.

  1. Hire a Bike

In a similar vein to jogging, you could always hire a bike that allows you to travel throughout the city, or nature, at a very low cost whilst seeing much more of the destination; it could even save you having to hire a car if you’re visiting a city (or are a really keen cyclist).

  1.  Bring Some Equipment With You

There’s a plentiful supply of lightweight equipment you could bring with you on your travels, such as a skipping rope, TRX bands or resistance bands that can provide your body with a decent all over workout, without weighing down your case.


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