It’s possible that you would run your website even if it didn’t bring in any cash whatsoever. However, if it’s possible to make an income from running your site, however small, then you should. In this day and age, there are a million and one ways you can see some extra $$$ in your bank account, all thanks to the website that was going to be online anyway. In all likelihood, you’ve probably already got some sort of revenue making system integrated into your site. Below, we take a look at a few more sophisticated ways to earn money which, if executed properly, can bring in a pretty penny.


Sell Exclusive Content

You should make your website free for people to access. But that doesn’t mean that every single piece of content needs to be given away. If you’re running a website based on a niche interest, then you may find that you’re able to have a tiered scale when it comes to content. Your entry level content will be available to all, without payment. The more advanced stuff can be behind a paywall. You won’t lose any visitors this way, as the people who are interested in the paid content will know that it’s worthwhile paying for.

Your Own Goods

Not enough websites make the most of selling products. If you’ve got a bunch of people visiting your travel website who you know are interested in exploring, then it makes sense to have an online store that sells travel accessories, or even full-blown trips. If this all sounds too complicated and you don’t want to get involved with storing and then sending products, then take a look at drop shipping, which offers the benefits of running your own store without doing all that much work.

Other People’s Products

If you don’t want to sell your own products on your website, then why not look into selling other people’s products? Register for an affiliate program, and you’ll get a commission every time someone clicks a link on your website and makes a purchase. You don’t even need to do all that much; you won’t be changing the type of content you’re putting on your website. The links will naturally go into your website; they will look relevant. If you receive a lot of visitors, then you might just find that you’re bringing in a decent amount of additional money.


People who use the internet understand that websites can be expensive to run, and many are happy to help out with the costs of running of the site, if they’re given an opportunity to do. If you’ve built up a loyal following of supporters, then consider adding a donation button. You’d be surprised at how much people are willing to give when it’s for content they find useful.

Sell Your Website

Finally, you can always sell your website. If you have a lot of unique visitors each month, there’ll likely be someone willing to buy it off you, since you’ve already done most of the hard work.

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