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It is important to have a career that you are happy in. A job that satisfies you will mean that you will suffer from less stress in your life. You will feel more fulfilled in life in general, and you will be more confident, having achieved what you have set out to do. 

There are many barriers to getting the career that you want. You may not feel as though you have the experience that you need to get the job, or may lack the confidence to put yourself forward for positions that you are actually qualified for. 

Often the barriers that you face when looking to progress in your career are ones that can be overcome with the right mindset. Here are some tips for finding and obtaining the career that you want. 

Be In The Market For That Job

If you are not actively looking for the career that you want, then you will never get it. This means that you should be regularly checking in on recruitment websites such as Cornerstone Medical. You should particularly focus your attention on job boards that are focused on your specific career niche. 

Sign up to email notifications on keywords, and follow relevant social media profiles that share jobs within the sector that you are interested in working in. 

Apply For Jobs

Get applying. Even if you don’t think that you will get a job, put some effort into your application and put yourself out there. 

Make sure that you tailor every application to the specific job that you are applying for. 

If your application progresses through to secondary stages, but you still don’t get the job, have the confidence to drop the recruiter and email and ask for feedback on your application. There may have been something that they were looking for specifically from you. By finding that information out, you can hone your applications and develop your experience.

Look For Ways To Gain Experience

If you haven’t quite got the skills or experience yet for the jobs that you want, get yourself onto some online courses, or seek out local organizations that might allow you to gain a small amount of work experience with them. You can often do these things while working in a stop-gap job. 

The more that you can do to improve your applications and resume, the better. You should always be looking at changes that you can make that will increase your chance of employment. 

Adopt A Healthy Positive Mindset

“You can get this job”. “You will progress in your career.” These are the kind of affirmations that you should be telling yourself every day. 

Confidence doesn’t come naturally to many people. Most people have to put it on to a degree. But the more you say positive things to yourself, the more you will start to believe them. As your self-belief grows, so too will your chances of finding the career that you are working hard to obtain. 

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