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Having a job is a privilege for many, and we often put up with a lot of stress traveling to work, just to arrive stressed and drained, instead of making the most out of our work-life balance. Cities and suburbs are getting more and more congested, and it is almost impossible to avoid traffic in the peak hours. If driving to work and being stuck in traffic every day is taking too much out of you, it might be time to think about new ways to get to your workplace and improve your health and wellbeing. Below you will find a few tips on how to get the most out of your commute.

Start Off Early

The earlier you start off the better you will get through traffic. You can spend the extra time you have in the morning to visit the gym near your workplace, or to listen to a podcast before work. You will save fuel and time, and spend the morning without rushing, so you might even reward yourself with a few minutes sitting down and having a nice breakfast in peace, instead of trying to munch on your toast while queueing in traffic.

Plan Ahead

You will need to keep an eye on the roads in your local area to be the first to know about roadworks and accidents. If there is a planned road closure on your regular route, you will need to find an alternative way to get to work, or even start off early. Take the stress out of your mornings and peak night traffic by being informed of the things that might affect your commute time. Some satellite navigation systems will give you information on the speed and volume of traffic automatically.

Learn Your Escape Routes

It might also be a good idea to learn some alternative routes, in case you learn that there is a roadblock or accident. You will need to know which turn to take to avoid queueing up for hours. There is nothing worse than not moving anywhere and worrying that your boss will get angry with you for not being on time. Just imagine if you had a meeting first thing in the morning and you turned out 30 minutes late? It would certainly not help you achieve your career and promotion goals.


If you often face standing traffic on the roads, and there are bike routes that are safe enough for you to use, you can start cycling to work to save time and stay fit at the same time. However, if you have any respiratory illnesses, you might want to ensure that you are avoiding highly congested and polluted areas. If there is a country lane or a cycle road that is away from the main highway traffic, even a shortcut, you will be able to make the most out of your time and combine getting to work with your morning exercise.

Motorbike and Filtering Traffic

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Having a motorbike in the summer can be great fun, and you can explore much more than from a car. If you don’t share a ride with anyone, you can jump on the bike, take on an advanced rider course, and simply filter through traffic to save time. Not to mention that you will have much more fun and save money on fuel at the same time. You will, however, need to ensure that you can stay safe on two wheels before you attempt this technique.

Your Electric Scooter

If your workplace is too far to walk or cycle, or you want to have more fun, you could also get a scooter. Read some of the latest electric scooter reviews to find out which one is the most suitable for your needs. The range and the wheel size of the different models will vary, so you have to take into consideration the distance you have to travel, the weight limit, and the road or pavement you are going to use. Make sure that you can charge up your scooter at work every day and keep it safe.


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In case you cannot avoid sitting in traffic, you can team up with some of your coworkers and share the cost and responsibility. No matter if you only carpool once a week, you can take a day off stressful traffic and simply sit back to have a relaxed chat or listen to the radio without having to worry about what people around you will do. Some companies encourage and reward carpooling, so you can join a scheme and get discounts or health club vouchers.

Working from Home a Few Days a Week

In case you have a reliable computer at home, you might also be able to do your job from your office without going to work. No matter if you are preparing a presentation or using the cloud technology to catch up on projects or follow up client orders, if you never ask, you never get it. You can save a few hours and even have a lie in if you want to, get more done in a day, and hit your targets without getting stressed.

Changing Your Shifts If You Can

If you have a job that requires you to be physically present at the office or workshop, you can ask for a shift change. Even a 30 minute early start and finish will make a huge difference in your commute time and help you arrive calmer and more prepared. Of course, if you have to do the school run, you might not be able to get to work early, but you can always ask for a later shift that will also make a difference. Most of the traffic disappears by 10 a.m., so you can get to work twice as fast.

The stress we face every morning and night commuting to and from work can have a negative impact on our work performance and long term health. If traffic is stressing you out, make sure you find a solution and discuss your options with your employer.

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