Productive Things to Do While in Quarantine

The world is currently dealing with a global pandemic, and many of us are forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of disease. Companies have resorted to a work from home format to facilitate the continuation of jobs, ensuring that business operations can proceed like usual.

But with commuting and preparation out of the daily equation, we’re left with the time that we never had before. What’s the best way to make use of that? Here are a few ideas.

Get Into Fitness

Since we’re all stuck at home with more time in our hands, it’s finally the opportunity to shed the weight we’ve accumulated over the years. If you’re worried about going to the gym, then fret not. There are many ways to get fit even at home. For starters, you can try easy calisthenic or bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats. Being that these exercises require very little equipment and utilize your own body weight, it makes a great start for fitness.

Alternatively, personal equipment for your own makeshift home gym is affordable and accessible. You can start with resistance bands as they can emulate how barbells and dumbbells work. For the best effect, go for a combination of resistance training and calisthenic exercises.

Learn How to Cook

The best way we can make use of the time we have at home is to develop life-skills. And among the most important life skills is, of course, cooking. Everyone likes to eat, but not everyone knows how to cook. If your cooking skills don’t go beyond frying hot-dogs or eggs, then take the time to learn an easy fish escabeche recipe! Or go for something grander, like carbonara or even a home-style pizza.

Even if you already know how to cook, this is the best chance to hone your other cooking-related skills chopping or learn something more advanced like gutting a fish. Learning how to cook (and how to cook well) is one of the best life skills you can develop.

Study Personal Finance

If there’s one thing that we all felt through the quarantine, is that our money will run out if we don’t treat it wisely. With companies suddenly downsizing because of an economic downturn and finding a new job being more difficult, learning more about personal finance and how to better handle your money is crucial in surviving in the long run. Personal finance is an umbrella term that covers handling your money, budgeting, expenses, savings, insurance, even investing. With how volatile the economy is today, learning more about managing your own finances will definitely go a long way.

Grow a Garden

One thing we can’t do nowadays is to go outside and enjoy nature. But that doesn’t mean we can’t bring nature to us. Yes, we’re talking about having your piece of nature at home. If you have a yard, or extra space at home, one way you can utilize it is by starting your own garden. You can go for either decorative plants or fruit-bearing plants. Both have their own advantages, but can help you make in not just keeping your sanity, but keeping the air fresh. For fruit-bearing plants, you can go for common but useful ones like chili pepper, tomato, onions, or calamansi.

Learn a New Skill

We live in an age where technology gives us access to a whole host of resources- for free. Using the Internet, we can dive into topics as deep as we can, as the expanses of learning materials available are far and wide. Why not use what time you have now to arm yourself with a new skill? Take, for example, programming. With how reliant the world is on technology, learning programming and coding will definitely be a useful skill to have.

There are millions of free resources available on that topic as well. Or you can learn more about sewing or crocheting. While you need the materials to do them, the learning materials are free, and if you have thread and needle lying around you can start immediately (Who doesn’t, right?). Learning a new skill might just provide you with more opportunities in the future.

Get an Online Certification

As mentioned in the last point, learning a new skill is one thing you should definitely do during this time. Another idea that can make learning a new skill even more worth it is getting an online certification for it. While you may have to pay for the course, being certified for a skill can bolster your resume and open you to more career options. Especially during times of job instability, having a certification can help you secure jobs as it’s a guarantee of skill. Fortunately, there are many affordable online courses available, and some are even free.

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