Being involved in a car accident can be a shocking and frightening experience. Anyone unfortunate enough to have been involved in one will know it can be extremely confusing and difficult to know what to do. It is really important to know how to react in a situation like this so read on for information about the important things that need to be done when a car accident happens.

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Emergency Services

Stop and take a moment to make sure that you, and anyone else that may be in your car is alright. Then, survey the scene to see if anyone involved in the accident has been hurt. Even if everyone seems to be alight, the majority of the time it is still always advisable to call the emergency services.
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If it is a very minor accident, however, and everyone appears to be perfectly ok then there may be no need to call an ambulance. The police, however, will still need to be contacted in order to register the accident and deal with any necessary traffic diversions, whilst debris is cleared away and of course, the police need to be contacted in order to deal with the necessary paperwork.

Taking Down Details

Secondly, you will need to make sure that everyone exchanges details after the accident. You will need to give the other parties your details, and you will need to make sure that you take everyone else’s. If you are concerned that the accident was your fault, don’t be too hasty in assuming responsibility or being overly apologetic as this could potentially be used against you if the accident ends up going down the legal route.

The best thing way that you can react is by staying calm and just provide the details that are asked of you.

Insurance & Legal Proceedings

If any damage has been done to your vehicle, you will need to contact your insurance company to make a claim and get the ball rolling in repairing your car.

If you were to blame for the accident you are also going to need to hire an attorney to defend you should the accident be taken to court. If there was any alcohol involved and you were found to be over the limit then you are going to need to hire a DWI defense attorney in your local area, that will be able to help you through the legal process.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

It is also important to remember that whilst accidents happen, most of them are completely avoidable. By making sure that you don’t drive when overly tired or after drinking alcohol will mean that you only drive when you are completely alert and awake. Also, make sure that you are not open to distractions when you drive.

It is now illegal to answer a phone call whilst driving, and texting whilst behind the wheel can also result in legal action. Grumpy and squabbling kids, eating lunch from behind the wheel are also ways that drivers can get distracted and the result can be accidents. So make sure that you are always taking measures to drive in a calm way and that you are focused on the road, and nothing else at all times.  

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