How safe would you say your company was? Maybe you’ve got plenty of customers on the books, and you know they’ll keep coming back for more and more? Maybe you’ve got a great contact network set up around you, so you’ve always got some experienced to reach out? Maybe you’ve just invested in a new line of technology, and you know it’s going to do wonders for your business? But apart from all these external motivations, do you feel like you’re working in a safe and secure environment?

Your business needs to have safety standards to it, of course. It’s the law, and you wouldn’t even dream of allowing your employees to walk into a working environment that put them at risk. But there are some more understated rules of the security world you might be missing out on; ones that keep your business on the up and up, and have the best success rate at keeping emergencies at bay. So whether you’re a bit worried over your company finances right now, or you’ve had one too many trips and falls in the past 6 months or so, here’s a few tips for you.


Focus on the Floor

The floor you walk over can be a dangerous place, and tripping over something carelessly strewn across it can lead to some very serious consequences for both the victim and the owner of the company where the accident happened. So always have one eye on the floor as you go about your business.

At the very least, make sure it’s clear, and there’s always a clear and obvious walkway for people to use as they naturally navigate around their workstations. Make sure the material the floor is made out of has a lot of wear and tear resistance, and there’s no bumps or dips for anyone to potentially break their ankle over – investing in epoxy floor coating systems could be quick solution for this possibility.

Stock Up on Supplies

And make sure they’re visible! You want to be sure that the environment you’re working in, whether it be an office or a warehouse, has plenty of safety supplies around and in plain view. You want to know there’s a fire extinguisher on the east wall, and you want to know you can get to it easily if a fire ever breaks out on the west side. And if you’re the boss in this situation, you’re the one who puts these questions at rest in your employees’ minds.

Make sure the first aid kits are always stocked up, and have plenty of bandages and antiseptics in them  – make sure they’re color coded as well, so people can spot them a mile off, even without glasses on! As well as this, list the emergency numbers next to the kits, to make sure this crucial information is all in the same place whenever someone may be in need of it.

Staying safe whilst at work is a concern millions of people hold, so pioneer it.

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