In our modern day society, it can be pretty tough to say ‘no’ to short term satisfaction, and instead take action that will mean a brighter future. People tend to worry about the future all the time, but do things that don’t help – such as spending money when they know they have a big bill coming up, for example. The harsh truth is, short term satisfaction could lead to long term problems that can be hard to get out of.

Below, we’ll talk about some of the ways in which people look for short term satisfaction, how they can lead to long term issues, and what to do about them. Read on if you’d like a little guidance!


Eating Junk And Leading A Sedentary Lifestyle

Junk food is super easy to come by, and tends to be cheaper than vegetables and other healthy foods. Plus, it’s easier to put a pizza in the oven or order a takeaway than it is to prepare a fresh, healthy meal from scratch. That, paired with the fact that many people lead a sedentary lifestyle these days, means that many people are accumulating unhealthy amounts of fat. Even if they’re not gaining any weight and staying trim, that doesn’t necessarily mean a person is healthy. Our bodies regenerate often, and they use what we put into them. Exercise is good for the bones, heart, muscles, and more. If you want to live a long, healthy life with minimal health issues, then you’re going to need to start paying more attention to how you move and what you’re eating. This doesn’t mean starving yourself, only eating salads, and running until your feet are sore. Just make smarter choices and find a type of exercise you enjoy.

Drink And Drugs

It goes without saying that drink and drugs can lead you to do some stupid things that you’d need a pretty terrific defense attorney to get you out of. Some people do stupid things without, and some people act perfectly acceptable even when on illegal substances – however, there are many more issues that can crop up from over indulging in things like drink, drugs, and even smoking. What about the cost, the damage to your health, and the possibility of dependency?


Spending money you haven’t got signifies a ‘lack’ mindset. Most people have this kind of mindset. It’s the mindset of never having enough money, and wanting short term satisfaction from buying things you don’t really need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t even care that much about. Getting into an abundance mindset can take work and months of undoing all of the things you were taught as a child, but it’s more than worth it!

Scrolling Social Media For Hours

We’re all guilty of getting stuck on social media every now and again, but people waste hours of their life scrolling. This is time you could have spent socialising face to face, reading a book, working towards your business idea, or something else. Be more mindful of how much you scroll and put your time to good use!

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