When it comes to your finances we can all find that we can get into a little rut with them every now and again. With fixed incomes and not much movement along with the threat of big bills landing unexpectedly, we can all face the dilemma at some stage on what to do to loosen the pressure. I wanted to share with you some of the quick solutions that you could consider to help you free up the financial strain.

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Reduce your outgoings

One of the biggest things you can change is your current outgoings. This is where you do have control over how much you could potentially save. Things like energy bills and insurance policies can be reduced if you compare energy costs and switch to other providers for a better rate. In many cases, loyalty doesn’t reward you with their best deals and these can be saved for new customers. You could also take control of one of the biggest bills and that is the food shopping. Things like meal planning can really help to reduce how much you spend as you write a list specific to what you need that week. You may also be able to reduce your outgoings on other luxury items such as clothing and eating out by using vouchers and coupons to help keep the cost down low. If you look hard enough, there will always be ways that you can save.

Look at ways to keep you afloat

It is important to have back up plans because there can be times where we are o-rented with bills that we just can’t pay or afford to pay at that time. Having savings to back you up could be advisable, but in this modern day sometimes it can be hard to create the savings you need. This is when things like cash advances now and loans could help. But it is also important to remember that these things need to be paid back and will add to your outgoing moving forward.

Bring in some extra income

Finally, if you do want to build up some extra income, or simply be able to put money aside for those unforeseen bills that can rear their heads, then it might be time to try and take up some extra side hustles in your spare time. First of all, you could look around your home and sell any unwanted items you no longer want, love or need in your life. You are bound to have things from old technology that you have upgraded, clothes that no longer fit or home furnishings you don’t like. Selling these online on websites like eBay could give you a fast return. There are also other things you can do in your spare time that include filling out online surveys, testing websites and performing mystery shops. These things can pay you a fee for your time and some can be done while you are relaxing in the evening watching TV. There are plenty of websites that share with you tips on how to earn extra money in your spare time.

I hope that this has inspired you to help you through some of the tough spots you can face when it comes to your finances.

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