Carbon fibre is a material which is used for many different things in the world. It is a materials which is made of a thin and strong crystal, and these crystal filaments fit together to create an incredibly durable and diverse material for everyday use and use in manufacturing.

When most of us think about carbon fibre we likely think of this as a scientific material and one which is used for automotive uses and manufacturing all over the world. However apart from these well known uses of this versatile material, there are a few more random uses which we are going to talk about today.


Leather jackets are SO last season… why not rock up to your next party with a jacket made from carbon fiber sheets? The reason this can be used as a material for jackers is because it is pretty flexible and it is also super warm inside. It means that you can make the most of the cold weather and still look super stylish out and about. Plus, it is a little waterproof to protect you from the elements!

Thermal Mugs

One of the more random uses for carbon fibre is in thermal or travel mugs. The reason it is used for these purposes is likely more about the colour and design than anything else but it is pretty cool nonetheless!

Toilet Seats

Have you ever really looked at your toilet seat and thought ‘this could be more stylish’. Well, if you have always fancied feeling as if you are in the driver’s seat of the enterprise while you are doing your business: a carbon fibre toilet seat is just for you. To be fair, this can look pretty amazing in a modern bathroom and it can be a wonderful feature which will certainly act as a talking point between you and your guests when they come to visit!

Phone Case

For those of you who never have their phone out of their sight, a great idea for a gift for you would be a carbon fibre phone case. This does nothing for your phone apart from looking amazing, and it can be the perfect addition to your new device to protect it from damage. The good thing is that carbon fibre is very lightweight and very strong so if you do drop your phone, it is much less likely to break than if you were to have a regular plastic case.


If you fancy channeling your inner diva in your home this year, a stunning addition to an open kitchen would be a carbon fibre splashback behind the oven. It will not only be impressive for you to see when you walk in the room, but it will do the job well and avoid your walls ever getting covered in tomatoey stains or worse.


Fancy looking chic and modern this year? As we already mentioned, carbon fibre can be used for clothing and jackets to keep you warm and protected against the elements, but did you know they can also be shoes? Carbon fibre shoes and boots can be a great option for anyone who is always out and about working, and they will be durable and fashionable enough for you to wear in any situation.


How much more luxurious and sexy can you get than a black bathtub in your home? The answer is not much at all. If you really want to play around with your interior design and make an impact on your home, a black bathtub instead of the usual white can be bold, brave and stunning. As we said. Carbon fibre is lightweight and strong so it won’t be too heavy to carry, and the finished product can be stunning.


Another fashionable piece, if you are sick of your wallet breaking after a month of owning it, one great option to try would be a carbon fibre wallet. A wallet made from this material can be great for your bag and it will keep your money and cards safe for much longer than a regular leather option. The design is sleek and stylish so its ideal for anyone and everyone will want to know where you got it from!

Stormtrooper Helmet

… because, why not? We had to end this list with something a bit more fun, and if you have always wanted to be a stormtrooper, you can be now with a stunning carbon fibre stormtrooper helmet. There’s no reason, just take our money!

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