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You don’t need to be told that we’re living in the digital age. You need only look around you to see technology dominating every aspect of our lives and our environment. Yet, whilst we know how technology seeps into our personal lives either on a recreational or a practical basis, you may not have considered the ways in which it could benefit your working life. With life-changing pieces of equipment out there, it’s no wonder that there are growing opportunities to make money from technology every day. Here are some of the ways in which you could use technology to build a career.

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Everyone has a drone; even your dad probably has one. These nifty little devices have really stormed the consumer market, but what importance do they have in the business world? Well, the answer to that question seems to be changing all the time. Big businesses such as Amazon might use drones to deliver packages, but there are so many other uses for these brilliant pieces of technology. If you’ve always had an eye for creativity, in particular, then the potential for aerial shots at dizzying heights is something that can only be afforded by these pieces of small flying tech; unless you have money to burn on helicopter flights, of course.

Still, if aerial wedding or real estate photography doesn’t sound like your sort of thing then you could always go the extra mile and become an FPV (first person view) racer. Maybe you’ll end up making huge amounts of money if you’re good enough to beat the competition. The point is that there are numerous applications for drones as they’re an entirely unique piece of technology on the market. You could offer services in terms of roof, power line, and bridge inspections; you just need to gain skills in flying the high-end versions of drone technology. Buying a cheap quadcopter won’t be enough.


Gaming is one of the best industries in technology. Whether you have a talent for creativity and you’d love to be behind the scenes making games or you have a talent for playing games themselves, there’s big money in the gaming business. For example, if you have a penchant for taking risks and betting on things then you could try your hand at a casino online; much like real-world betting, there’s room for professionals as long as you actually have talent and not a dangerous addiction to the game. YouTubers, in particular, are making huge amounts of money by reacting to gameplay. There are new and evolving ways of approaching gaming all the time, and that means there are new avenues through which you could build a career out of something which is, ultimately, a lot of fun.

Social media.

If you spend hours perfecting your social media feed on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat then a career in social media could be the perfect opportunity for you to use technology to your advantage. The internet has opened up an abundance of previously non-existent careers, but there is one of the most exciting if you’re a social media addict. You could help businesses by posting relevant content on their social profiles and connecting with potential or existing customers online to boost sales.

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