Do you think you’re ready to get an agent as an artist? You might think you’re ready, but there’s every chance that you’re not. You need to make sure you’re putting yourself out there consistently, finding ways to share your music and content, promoting different things you do, finding paying gigs, and more.

Here, we’re going to talk about what you should be doing if you’re looking to get a music agent or manager. Read on to find out more!

Signs You’re Not Ready

There are a few signs you can look for to decide whether you’re ready or not, but the main sign is having minimal performance history behind you. Managers are looking for talent and skill in a person who has taken initiative, and a track record on top of this.

Below is an idea of what agents/managers can help you with:

  • Helping you get a higher number of shows
  • Helping you get shows at more prestigious venues
  • Taking care of the day-to-day business aspects of your career
  • Upping your online numbers
  • Improving your press kit and imaging
  • Upping your merch game
  • Seeking and securing recording or publishing deals for the band

You Need An Active Performing Record

You need an active performing record if you’re going to secure an agent or manager. It’s your job is to show up with a promotional package, performance history, and brand positioning that will enable you to give somebody enough confidence in you. An agent’s job is simply to sell you; you have to do the rest.


Creating A Unique Show

Your shows should be distinct and compelling if you’re going to differentiate yourself from the acts that are already out there. Effective, quality promotional materials that match your brand are also important. You won’t get noticed by people like Coran Capshaw if you’re not working hard enough to put on a great performance and get people to come to it.

Be Easy To Work With

Being easy to work with is key. It’s so important for your reputation and securing future work. You should be on time, willing to go the extra mile, and basically the exact opposite of a diva!

Working On A Positive Mindset

Working on a positive mindset will do you the world of good. It might take you a while to get a manager or an agent, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You have to keep going and believe in yourself. If you don’t, why would anybody else? Don’t let fears or doubts get in the way if this is what you really want to do!

Choosing The Right Booking Agent

Choosing the right booking agent is also key; if it’s not someone who gets your music, you shouldn’t be working with them. It should be somebody who understands music in general and ideally has a little leverage to help you to get to where you want to be too.

If you’re not doing enough to secure gigs and get your name out there, it’ll be even harder to find somebody who will help you!

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