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First impressions are important in business. If your business premises doesn’t look attractive, it could steer potential customers away rather than enticing them in. This matters most with shops and restaurants, but it can also impact offices and other commercial buildings too. To ensure that your business premises is creating the right impressions, here are just some of the factors that you should consider.

Consider the location

Good premises needs to be in a good location. If the local neighbourhood is dirty or derelict, it could have an impact on the way in which clients perceive your business.

If you’re opening a shop or restaurant, this could be something important to consider. When it comes to offices and factories, it may not matter much if you don’t regularly invite clients to your premises – if you need to hold meetings, it may be possible to outsource meeting space elsewhere or find a coffee bar to host a meeting from.  

Fix up visible damage

A run-down building could suggest a run-down business. Make sure that any visible damage is repaired before it gets too noticeable.

Cracked windows and peeling paint could be things to consider on the exterior. As for the interior, replace any damaged carpets and get rid of any broken furniture or equipment. Don’t forget about your premises car park – if the concrete is cracked, there are companies like https://www.keflatwork.com/concrete-repair-replacement/ that can fix it. You could find that such repairs have a dramatic impact on your company’s reputation, as well as your own productivity.

Keep it clean

On top of keeping your premises well maintained, it’s also important that it’s clean. Cobwebs, thick layers of dust and dirty windows will suggest that you don’t care about your business.

Hiring contract cleaners is an easy way to keep on top of cleaning. An annual deep clean may also be necessary.

Use clear signage

Clear signage can help shops and restaurants to stand out on the street. For other businesses, clear signage may still be important for helping clients to find your premises.   

If your sign hasn’t been updated for a long time, you may want to consider paying a signage company to produce a new sign for you. This sites offers a few tips on creating an effective sign: https://blog.signwarehouse.com/5-tips-for-designing-effective-signs/.

Add some greenery

Plants are a great way of sprucing up any business premises. They can add a sense of life to a building that might otherwise look drab.

This could include hanging baskets outside your entrance or potted plants inside your premises. Just make sure that you water these plants regularly – dead plants will not create a good first impression.

Keep away unwanted visitors

While there are certain people that you want to impress, you don’t want to advertise your premises to burglars.

When making your premises more welcoming, make sure not to compromise security. Features such as security lighting and security cameras can help to ward off would-be intruders. You should also be careful of putting valuables on display during non-opening hours.

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