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The majority of us will drive on public roads without experiencing any negative incidents. But it’s still extremely important that you know what to do if you do find yourself in a road incident of any sort. Here’s a step by step guide that should help you through the process. Hopefully, you won’t have to put this information to use. But it’s good to always have it in mind when getting behind the wheel.


The first rule of any road incident is to stop. You legally cannot drive away from the situation and just ignore it. What’s more – it won’t just go away. You need to stop to make sure everyone’s okay. So, if possible, pull up to the side of the road and exit your vehicle.

Call for Help

The next step is also extremely important. You need to call the emergency services if anyone at all has been harmed in the incident. They’ll be able to dispatch medical assistance, police assistance, or the assistance of fire fighters. If necessary, carry out first aid as advised by the emergency line operator until professional help arrives. If nobody has been hurt, you can progress to the next step.

Stay Calm

Try to stay as calm as possible. This may seem easier said than done, but it’s very important. Keeping calm will make sure you don’t take any actions that you regret at a later date. Remember everyone will be stressed and perhaps angry or upset in this situation. Be understanding and patient and, hopefully, others will be understanding and patient in return.

Collect Other Individuals’ Personal Details

You’ll need to take the details of anyone else involved in the incident for the sake of insurance. Make sure to collect:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Insurance Details
  • Registration Number of their Vehicle
  • Make and Model of their Vehicle

Reach Out to a Lawyer

If there’s a legal problem at hand, you may need to reach out to a lawyer like Matthew Leyba. A lawyer will be able to help draw a case together for compensation if you have been hurt through no fault of your own. They can also help with issues like DUI.

Consider Therapy

Road incidents can be traumatic experiences – both emotionally and mentally as well as physically. If necessary, don’t hesitate to seek therapy. This will help you to come to terms with what has happened and will help you to move on too. This can prove extremely important for your overall mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing in the long run!

Again, hopefully, you won’t need to put this information to real-life use. But make sure to follow the steps above if needs be. They’ll help you deal with the incident properly and will make the best of a bad situation.

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