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Though cars are now designed specifically to keep us as safe as possible should a collision occur, it often feels like the roads are getting more and more dangerous. Part of this is simply that more people are driving – and driving regularly – than ever before – but this can’t be the only reason that the number of injuries and fatalities are going up.

People are more distracted while they are driving and often have a lot of things competing for their attention at once. Combine this will spending more time on the road and an excessive amount of technology and you have the perfect storm for getting into an accident.

But before you start to panic and start searching for more information about accident help, there are some things you can do to improve your driving and ensure that – on your side, at least – good skills are being shown.

Minimize Distractions

The first thing that all drivers should do is minimize the number of distractions they could get caught out by. If you are driving with kids, make sure that they understand that you need to concentrate on the road and not on them. Be clear about what is safe behaviour and what isn’t and don’t be hesitant to pull over if your kids are distracting you to make sure they calm down before you continue.

Your phone is another source of easy distraction. Make sure that you put it out of reach and don’t use it while you drive. If you think you might struggle to resist the temptation, use the driving mode or turn it off completely until you reach your destination. Alternatively, if you have a car with Bluetooth, you can connect your phone and use it hands-free.


Never drink and drive.

Be Smart with Your Time on the Road

If you are planning a long journey, you should always factor in rest stops to make sure that you are fully alert on the road. Another good idea is to use public transport instead so that you don’t have to focus on the road at all.

Lots of people have a long commute time and this can be quite dangerous – especially if you are tired after a long day at work. See if you can reduce this time by working from home a few days a week or using flexible working to avoid rush hour traffic.

Technology as a Help and a Hinderance

The technology used in cars is brilliant for a lot of things, but sometimes it can be more of a distraction than a help. For example, sat nav is ideal for getting you somewhere new but if you spend too long focusing on the instructions and not on the road, you could easily get into a pickle.

Always think carefully before using a technology and pull over if you are spending more time concentrating on the tech than the road. Plan your routes ahead of time to get a feel for where you are going too.

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