When we are starting out and working at making a fully-functioning office environment, we know how important it is to get the right people on board. But these days, with overqualified people applying for low-level jobs, and underqualified people applying for roles above their remit, we can struggle to find the right person quickly. Ultimately, this is the goal. But why is the right employee hard to come by and what can we do to make this an easier process for us?

Is It About Education?

Education appears to be something that’s almost irrelevant now. And if we look at the numerous organizations that thrive on apprenticeships and internships, we can take a leaf out of their book and have people come on board that is willing to learn the ropes, and at the fraction of the cost. Education is something that can be done on the job now. And if we’re looking for the right employee right away, perhaps it’s not about having someone that has all the skills, but rather having someone who wants to learn and has the dedication. Because people that have a comprehensive education may come with certain expectations, it can take some time to change their way of thinking.

Are We Going About It The Wrong Way During The Hiring Process?

We want the right person for the job, but we might not have the best methods in place. Of course, we need to make sure that they are able to do the job, but also need to make sure that they are right for the company. As far as criteria are concerned, it becomes a long-standing challenge now. It’s even more difficult due to the number of people that apply for one role. But this is where the right recruitment software can come in handy. ELMO recruitment software is one of many organizational tools that could benefit you, especially if you’ve got a lot of applicants to wade through. Conversely, the hiring process doesn’t need to be complex, because we should think about finding the right person, not by a whole bunch of criteria, but perhaps, we need to trust our instincts?

People Don’t Get To The Interview Stage For The Wrong Reasons

We can look at someone’s resume and immediately throw it in the garbage because of a spelling or grammar error. Perhaps we need to reassess how we measure the abilities of potential employees. While a resume can be a good yardstick of what an employee can do, it’s not always a sufficient measure of a personality. You can argue that their resume needs to highlight their personality, and this is why video is increasingly being used as part of the application process. This is a very interesting approach because you are able to give a face to the resume, it’s giving us a more comprehensive a section of the potential employee, and it gives them a chance to show who they are.

Finding the right employee is a time-consuming process, but if the right employee is hard to come by, then perhaps we have to give a bit more thought into our hiring process. Is the right employee hard to come by? Or is it to do with our criteria? Maybe we need to relax the process a bit more?

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