By Nigel Hilton

It is well known that the winter time can be a very slow period for most businesses, no matter what industry or sector they are in. But this season is also hazardous for one other reason: inclement weather. Quality property management companies invest in keeping their infrastructure well maintained. 

The weather might not be the biggest worry playing on most entrepreneurs’ minds, but it is certainly something that you should start to think about. Bad weather can make things dangerous for your employees, and it could also damage your office building.
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To ensure that your company doesn’t suffer too much the next time it snows, make sure you take these important winter precautions.


Insulate Pipes

One of the biggest threats that the winter weather brings is frozen and burst pipes. This problem occurs a lot in exposed pipes as they don’t have enough insulation to keep them above freezing temperature. Once the water freezes in the pipes, it expands, which can weaken the pipe and cause it to burst. This then means you have a huge leak on your hands. So, if you have any exposed pipework in your area, you should invest in some good quality insulation.

Buy Some Salt And Grit

If you have a carpark and a long walkway to your main entrance, you have probably heard your employees complain about ice during winter. It’s really important that you ensure no one gets hurt from a fall on your property as they would be within their right to sue. To prevent your car park or walkways getting too slippy, you should buy some salt and grit to spread over them. This will melt the ice and make it easier to walk on. You should be able to find salt and grit at your nearest hardware store. If not, contact your local authority or council.


Check Infrequently Used Areas

During the winter, most companies close off rooms or areas that they don’t use on a regular basis. This is so they don’t have to waste any money heating them up. However, as no one is using them all the time, some issues might go unnoticed for a fairly long time. For instance, if there is a burst pipe in one infrequently used conference room, the problem could grow until someone notices it. So, make sure that all areas of your workplace are regularly checked for potential winter damage and problems.

Install Roof Snow Guards

Sure, snow is super pretty when it is falling outside your office, but have you ever thought about the damage that excess snowfall might do to your roof? It’s a good idea to get your roof reinforced, so it can hold up under all that weight. You should also install some snow guards so excess snowfall doesn’t slide off the roof onto someone! If you go through a very cold spell and notice icicles hanging from the roof, you should remove these as soon as possible. They can get dangerous when they start to melt and fall from the roof.

Follow these precautions and don’t get burnt this coming winter!

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