The busier our lives become, ironically, the harder it is to stay active. If you’re one of the many sat at a desk for hours every week, you may be worried about the amount of exercise you’re getting. It’s difficult to fit it all in, but there are some things you can do with the family to ensure you stay active. Take a look at this top ten list for keeping your body busy, as well as your mind.

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Top Ten Tips

  1.       Get Outdoors – We aren’t always lucky enough to have good weather in this country but when we do, there are lots of activities that the whole family can enjoy outdoors. Some of these include a bike ride, a long walk, water sports and you could even make the most of the snow by going sledging! If you’re not used to getting out and about, you may need Big 5 Sporting Goods coupons to save some money on active wear.
  2.      Take up a new hobby – If you’re stuck at the office all week, you’ll want to find something that will relax you, as well as keep you active. Golf is a great solution to this dilemma. It has everything you need; fresh air, exercise and relaxation. You can find out more here.
  3.       Join some classes – If you have young children, they may already be in weekend or evening exercise classes. Perhaps they do martial arts, football or dance classes. Have you ever thought about joining them? Most classes will offer an adults only version of what your child does or even family sessions.
  4.       Housework – Doing the housework can really kick up a sweat. It may not be as fun as going for a bike ride but it will certainly keep you active. Put some music on in the house and get the whole family involved. It’s killing two birds with one stone.
  5.       Work exercise – You may think there’s nothing you can do about your lack of exercise while you’re at work but there are ways to change that. Getting up and going for a walk or stretching at your desk keeps your blood flowing. Some people go as far as taking an exercise ball to work with them. Why not find out more about work exercise?
  6.       Eat healthily – There’s no point in planning extra activities into your timetable if you haven’t got the energy to do them. We all need the right fuel to make sure we can get through the day without needing power naps. Introducing more fruit and vegetables into your diet and taking a multi-vitamin should do it.
  7.       A family dog – Having a dog means you’re forced to go out for walks daily, whether you want to or not. A dog requires exercise and it can be a great motivator. They’re also fabulous family pets – they’re loyal, loving and protective. However, if you’re not at home most of the day, you need to research which breeds don’t mind being alone for a few hours.

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