When Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Workplace During a Pandemic, Do These

Factors to Consider When Sanitizing Your Workplace

COVID-19 vaccines from multiple pharmaceutical companies are being distributed across the globe. However, recent mutations of the virus and the limited supply of vaccines continue to slow down progress towards everyday life being back to normal. As such, social distancing and proper cleaning and disinfection are still essential when working in the office.

The virus is dangerous, especially for children and older adults who have compromised immune systems. Its symptoms range from mild instances like coughs, fever, and colds to full-blown respiratory infections and kidney failure. It spreads easily, too, when an infected individual speaks, coughs, or sneezes. These actions spread their infected respiratory droplets in the air. If another person breathes these droplets in, they could get infected, too. And when the virus settles on surfaces, it can stay alive for a few hours to days.

Cleaning Your Office

With so many surfaces for the virus to settle on and the different common areas your office has, it can be daunting to clean and disinfect your workplace. If you want to make your office safer, here are important factors you should consider.

The Different Definitions

First, you and your cleaning staff need to be familiar with cleaning and disinfecting because they can be used interchangeably by others. There’s a huge difference between them.

  • Cleaning involves removing dirt, grime and other impurities from a surface. This gets rid of germs and viruses not by killing them, but by removing them from the object they’re clinging onto.
  • Disinfecting, on the other hand, involves using chemicals like diluted bleach or isopropyl alcohol to kill or deactivate germs and viruses. This doesn’t necessarily clean the object of any dirt. This why it’s often the second step after cleaning.

The Plan

You and your team should have a routine to make sure that every surface and corner of your office are consistently clean and disinfected. Start by identifying the high-traffic areas in your workplace. These include the lobby, public bathrooms, and the main workspace.

Prioritize your cleaning and disinfecting efforts in these regions of the office, as employees constantly breathe in the air and touch the appliances in them. Make low-traffic areas, like storage spaces or maintenance closets, lower on your list. When a few people enter these areas, they only stay there for a short time.

The Protective Gear

The virus can easily spread from person to person or when an individual interacts with respiratory droplets on a surface. Plus, your workers also have to deal with chemicals like bleach or alcohol, both of which can be dangerous when too much of their fumes are inhaled.

This is why it’s vital for you and your workers to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) during the clean sweep of your office. Appropriate PPEs include an isolation gown, gloves, face mask, and face shield. These minimize the chances of your workers inhaling the virus or getting it on their skin or eyes. This gear also protects them against exposure to potentially toxic chemicals. You may want to hire a skip when disposing of your PPEs, so you can get them off the premises immediately.

The Tools and Materials

As with any task, you’ll need the right tools and materials to ensure your regular cleaning and disinfecting tasks go smoothly.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Cleaning
  • Sponge or rag – You can use a sponge or rags sold in wholesale quantities. These are efficient at cleaning off dirt, but they do wear out with use. As such, it’s important to have a constant supply of them.
  • Buckets – You’ll use these to store water for soaping and rinsing.
  • Soap and water – This combination is always effective in cleaning off grime and dirt on almost any surface, be it concrete walls, wooden tables, or tile floors.
  • Disinfecting
  • Spray bottle – A spray bottle lets you cover a large area by dispersing droplets of disinfectant quickly in multiple directions. Make sure to get one with a large chamber, so you don’t have to refill after just a few spritzes.
  • Disinfectant – There are a variety of EPA-approved disinfectants. The most available ones are bleach diluted in water or 70 percentisopropyl alcohol. These will get rid of viruses and germs on a surface easily.;

Even with vaccines being rolled out, the COVID-19 pandemic still shouldn’t be underestimated. The threat of infection is still high, especially if your workers still commute to and from your office. Make sure they’re safe and protected by knowing the best practices in cleaning and disinfecting their workplace.

Remaking Your Business Website For 2021

Remaking Your Business Website For 2021

A New Year And A New Look For Your Business Website

2021 is here, and you need to welcome it right. For business owners, this means giving your website a complete overhaul. It is even more important because of the shift that the world has experienced, with the digital experience becoming a more powerful part of daily life. If you left your website static this past year, then you need to catch up. Here are some changes that you should be making to ensure your site stays competitive.

Visuals That Pop

Websites are visual mediums, and yours should be a feast for the eyes. When visitors open your site, they should immediately recognize that it is yours. There are various ways to do this. For one, you’ll want to have prominent branding on your website. Logos and prominent positioning should make your site visually unique, an important factor to aim for if you want people to remember your company. Combine this with excellent graphic design, and your site’s visitors will be very impressed.

Don’t stop at the basics either. You need to fill your website with pictures of your products and services at their best. For example, if your business sells expensive fashion accessories, then pictures of them should be a prominent part of your site. It would be best if you made them look good soretouching jewelryphotos to be attractive is part of that. The result is that your website becomes a visual showcase of what you can offer.

An Online Store With Your Products

Many people have gotten into the habit of online shopping during the pandemic. Online purchaseswent up by 30 percent in 2020. Now that the new year is here, that habit is not going to change. Adding an online store to your website allows you to be part of people’s changing purchasing habits.

But a simple store is not going to cut it. You compete with online giants like Amazon. It would be best if you gave potential customers something more than basic products. Offer things like free shipping or additional services.

If your company offers services instead of products, an online store is not exactly possible. But you can allow potential clients to contact you online, which can quickly lead to them hiring you. For example, any potential inquiries about your services can be sent through your website. Following these inquiries up can potentially become an opportunity for you.

Better User Experience

When visitors go through a website nowadays, they wanta smooth user experience. The moment they click on the link to your site, visitors should experience an optimized experience. This means ensuring faster loading times and smooth accessibility. This is whether they are using a desktop computer or a mobile device. Additionally, it would be best if you designed it to guide visitors in the right direction. If a visitor feels like they are in a maze, then your website needs a redesign so that it is less confusing.

Increased Automation

The big push a lot of websites are experiencing is to have more automation. This is more a behind-the-scenes update than something visible. This is because it mainly focuses on the upkeep of the website. Websites often need a lot of attention, with a daily checkup being the bare minimum. You might need to check on it every few minutes to ensure that it is running properly. This is where automation comes in. Security updates being automatically implemented as well as auto-backups are an important part of that.

There is a part that interacts with customers, too. Automated newsletter senders can be integrated into your website so that they can collect visitors’ emails so that they can send them out seamlessly. Additionally, having a review and testimonial aggregator on the website can help promote your business.

Improved Data Protection

Your website also needs to move towards being more secure. Online security is very important nowadays, especially with the increased online presence of people. Several essential changes include moving towards the HTTPS protocol so that hackers would not be able to change website information to secure personal info. Additionally, moving towards a safe website host and upgrading your software can be a good move.

Your website needs to change with the times. Post-COVID online life is much different, with a lot of people expecting more from websites. They have been stuck at home for a year, and they’ve been using it to surf the internet. If your website doesn’t rank with the best, you won’t be getting the same attention as others who have kept up with the changes.

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