By Lina Martinez

It has been said that over 90% of businesses now use the power of the cloud in one way or another. Whether it’s to speed up the efficiency of working practices or to cut costs, the advantages of the cloud now outweigh the alternatives in any pros and cons list. In this article, we will consider 3 of the many benefits that cloud computing can offer your business.

Cloud computing promotes improved collaboration

Many business leaders are seeking to improve the work-life balance of their employees, and cloud computing has allowed them to take steps to make this achievable. Teams can now work on the same project, regardless of location, and can make changes and updates in real time. From cloud-based software such as Google Docs to any number of tablet and smartphone apps, documents and information can be shared across the board. As an example of the options available to your business, check out the way BCI Worldwide have fully explored the advantages of being in the cloud – for both team and customer collaboration. Could your business offer the same? It makes life so much easier, and it cuts out the need for time-wasting business meetings, phone calls, and those daily trips to and from the office.

Cloud computing offers added security

In 2008, the British Home Office came under fire when one of their employees lost confidential data on over 40,000 criminal cases. The reason? All of that information was stored on a humble memory stick that subsequently went missing. Imagine being the person responsible! However, this was in the days before cloud computing became popular. The days when you were forced to make paper copies of everything or risk the loss of a memory stick by using these portable hard drives. By living in the cloud, you don’t need to store sensitive data in what is now an archaic tradition. With data stored in the cloud, you have much greater security. If your computer malfunctions, you can access the information you need on another device. If you accidentally delete something, you no longer have the panic in thinking it’s gone forever. In short, the cloud is a lifesaver, and you won’t face the indignity and loss of respect that the British Home Office did a decade ago.

Cloud computing is environmentally friendly

We are living in an age when businesses are coming under fire for their lack of eco-friendliness. In 2017, Amazon came under fire from Greenpeace, who slammed the multi-billion dollar company’s poor environmental practices. Smaller businesses are guilty too, whether they add to the landfill with paper waste, or add to pollution with the amount of traffic they put on the road. Cloud computing reduces the carbon footprint, with less need for a paper-based office and road traffic, and due to data being stored on cloud servers, less energy is used through power-intensive hardware. Saving the world should be something close to all of our hearts, but when your business reputation lives or dies through customer and media opinion, showing respect to the earth will stand you in better stead against your competition.

Final word

Improved collaboration, added security, and eco-friendliness. Three excellent reasons why your business head needs to get in the cloud. So, if your business practices are stuck firmly on terra firma, perhaps now is the time to make the move. You know it makes sense!

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