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Life is an unpredictable thing. Sometimes, everything seems to be going our way, and it’s hard to imagine a situation that could throw us off our stride, or interfere with our goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Then, like lightning out of a clear blue sky, we end up becoming the victims of an accident, and find ourselves having to collect an accident report, and radically reassess and reformulate the way in which we are living our lives.

Accidents have the power to knock even the most resilient of us off track for a while, and, in particularly bad cases, can absolutely demolish our sense of well-being, and our ability to conceptualise a bright and meaningful future.

It’s in cases like these – where things seem absolutely dire – that it’s more important than ever to do whatever we can to rally our resources, and to begin to bounce back.

Here are a few things you can do that might help you to bounce back from an accident.

  1. Give yourself “permission” to refocus and adjust, but don’t give yourself permission to give up

Accidents of various sorts can massively impact our ability to continue working in the way we had been previously, and this, then, can move our goals and ambitions from the realm of the possible to the realm of the apparently impossible.

It’s natural, following an accident, to be deeply disheartened and to want to give up. But if you do give up, you set a precedent, and begin a negative spiral that it may be impossible to recover from.

Following your accident, give yourself the “permission” to refocus and adjust. Restructure your goals and routines to be more practical in light of your changed circumstances. But absolutely do not give yourself permission to give up.

Maintaining a sense of hope, and a set of valued goals, can be absolutely fundamental for your well-being on numerous levels.

2. Narrow your time-horizon a little bit, and get “systems-focused”

One consequence of having an accident, is that it means you are thrown into a state of chaos, at least for a certain period of time. In such a state as this, it can be very difficult – if not impossible – to make hard and fast plans over the medium to long term.

But just because the future has become a bit more uncertain, doesn’t mean you can afford to become completely unstructured and unfocused in your life.

Instead of putting life “on hold,” narrow your time-horizon a little bit, and get “systems-focused.” In other words, come up with daily routines that seem productive and uplifting to you, and take pride in acting those out regularly, and in a structured way.

3. Work to reintroduce order to your life where you can

As already stated; being the victim of an accident means that your life is overtaken by chaos, at least to some degree, and for a certain period of time.

Ultimately, though, no one can live in chaos indefinitely – and feeling as though you’re caught in a chronically chaotic state will inevitably lead to heightened stress and anxiety.

One of the best things you can do in order to bounce back from your accident, is to begin reintroducing order to your life wherever you can, as soon as possible. This might mean going to bed by certain time each night, it might even just mean reintroducing a particular morning routine.

In either case, it’s a step in the right direction, and the way to begin to regain control over your situation.

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