Golf is something that you might never have tried. Unless your family played, or you’ve always played, you might never have been anywhere near a golf course. You might not have ever even thought about it. But, golf is more than just a game, or something to watch on TV. It’s an exceptionally social sport, well-known for bringing people together. Here are some of the reasons that you should give golf a go. 

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You’ll Get More Steps In

If you are a slave to your Fitbit and looking for fun ways to get your daily steps in, golf is ideal. In studies, most subjects have walked over 10000 steps on the average 18 hole golf course, with some exceeding it considerably. 

Walking more is shown to be a great way to burn more calories and work your muscles. It’s great for core strength and building stamina. Walking more have also improve your posture, heart health, circulation and confidence. 

It Could Strengthen Your Muscles

If you’ve never played golf, you might think that spending the day strolling around a golf course is easy. But, it works more muscles than you might imagine. When you play golf your shoulders, arms and obliques get a great workout. It also works your legs, glutes and core for a full-body boost. Most people that are new to golf wake up the next day slightly sore. 

It’s Great for Flexibility

Most of us get tight in the shoulders and hips as we get older, especially if we spend our days sitting at a desk. Golf isn’t just a muscle-building workout. It can also increase your flexibility, opening your shoulders and hips as you swing.

The Golf Course is An Excellent Place to Do Business

There’s a reason that so many business deals are done on the golf course. It gives people a chance to talk, away from the formality and oppression of the office. On the golf course, there’s no need to rush, everyone is relaxed, and there’s no escape. Playing more golf could be an excellent boost to your business.

You’ll Enjoy Great Scenery

One of the best things about golf, compared to other hobbies and sports, is that you get to enjoy and embrace the world around you. When you play golf, you don’t just rush around the course. You take your time. You get a chance to take in the scenery and enjoy being a part of the great outdoors. 

Most golf courses are glorious. Look on Golf Reviews for some of the best courses, and enjoy everything that you see around you, instead of merely focusing on the game.

Playing Golf Will Boost Your Social Life

Many of us struggle with loneliness. It’s hard to make friends as adults, and common to drift apart as our lives evolve. Playing golf is social. There’s usually a club or bar. People are keen to chat and say hi, and it’s a welcoming environment. 

Golf is Great for Stress

Golf is excellent stress relief. The exercise and scenery can help you to relax, and there’s nothing like hitting something with a big stick to burn off some negative energy. 

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