If you’re thinking about building a gym, whether this is a small project or a massive one, read on to discover some useful advice.

CrossFit equipment that all gyms need to invest in today

Regardless if it’s for improving your personal physical health or it is part of a training business, you will know that there’s 4 types of CrossFit training equipment that you just can’t do without. Such equipment is a necessity for exercises such as CrossFit because of their durability and versatility. You will surely get the maximum value for your money when you have these kits. 

The first CrossFit equipment that you will need for your gym is a good quality set of kettlebells. If you research online, kettlebells are known to be the ultimate tool to use for working out your muscles, and you will know this if you have the first-hand experience of doing kettlebell circuits. The flat bottomed kettles with smooth handles are the best kettlebells to use for CrossFit as they’re wide enough for two-handed grips. 

Another equipment you can’t do without is the Olympic grade barbell. Because a 200lb drop from head height can easily bend a low quality and cheap bar, it is important that you purchase a good and high-quality one. Don’t get the pin barbells too. Another essential piece of cardio kit is the jump ropes as it helps in improving the user’s dexterity. Although skipping ropes may be unexciting or unadventurous compared to different kinds of gym equipment, but they’re a useful piece of kit that can help in your exercise especially when you’re in space that does not allow sprints. Lastly, an Olympic gym rings set will be great for working out your chest, back and arms. It also teaches control and endurance to the user. Depending on what you choose, you may get wooden or plastic rings. 

These are the essentials, but you are also going to need to have custom equipment as well, which caters specifically to your target audience. Check out for more information about this. You will definitely benefit from having a good partner that can assist with all of your needs, whether it is designing a custom cable for your gym equipment or helping with any of your other requirements. 

Changing room lockers, a must-have for all gyms

A gym is not complete without a locker room. If you currently own a gym and do not have changing room lockers available for your potential members then you will undoubtedly be missing out on a wealth of customers. 

When people use your gym they need a safe and secure place whereby they can store their personal belongings. A lot of people like to arrive at the gym in their day to day clothing and they will then change into their gym gear once they have arrived. Thus, they will require somewhere to put their clothes. Aside from this, a lot of people will have their purse, keys, and mobile phone with them. Not everybody drives to the gym and thus they have no choice but to bring everything inside with them. If you do not provide safe changing room lockers then individuals are likely to go to an alternative gym. They won’t be able to exercise at ease whilst worrying about the potential threat of their belonging being stolen. 

There are various different options at your disposal when it comes to security. Nonetheless, most gyms seem to operate via a lock and key system. The key and the locker is typically colour coordinated. Furthermore, each key and locker will have a corresponding number printed on it so that people can easily locate their personal belongings once they have finished working out.

Whilst security is the most obvious need and benefit of having changing room lockers in place, there are other advantages as well. For instance, you need to consider how much more organised your gym will be once you provide lockers for your members. You will have a system of storage in place and this means that people will know exactly where to put their belongings once they enter your changing rooms. If you didn’t have lockers people would be merely leaving their belongings all over the room. Not only can this create a lot of confusion, but it generates a lot of clutter too. Your gym will look messy, untidy, and unorganised. In a place where hygiene is imperative, this would be evidently extremely detrimental to your reputation. 

Not only this, but just consider the amount of hassle you will eliminate by having lockers in place. Of course, people worry about the threat of their things being stolen whilst they are exercising if there are no room lockers. However, sometimes people might accidentally take somebody’s belongings by mistake. After all, it is not unlikely for people to have similar or identical clothing or gym gear. You then have to deal with operating a large lost and found section. Your staff will experience an added workload as they will have to locate lost property and hunt down the rightful owner too. 

In simple terms; changing room lockers are a must-have for any gym. If you don’t provide these for your members then you will lose out on a substantial amount of business because people will not want to use your gym when there is a real threat that their stuff could be stolen.

All in all, there is a lot that needs to be considered when you are looking for the perfect plan in terms of setting up a gym. Not only do you need to think about the equipment that you need to get, but you also need to consider all of the other purchases that you need to make in terms of creating a gym that is convenient and appeals to people, ensuring they will want to sign up for your services.

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