Working from home is fantastic. There is no boss to look over your shoulder and no strict deadlines. Come to think about it, there is no motivation either. There are too many distractions teamed with a pretty basic working environment. Not to say your home office is unwelcoming, but you spend the majority of the day in the living room. There is nothing wrong with that if you are productive, yet the chances are you’re wasting time. How can you not when the TV is blasting?

What you need is an office which actually wants to make you buckle down and be industrious. These are the things to consider.

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The hardest thing to do is to start a task. Once you’re in the middle of it, the inspiration comes as if it is being passed down by God. In the beginning, there’s plenty of sitting around and racking your brains for an idea. Well, there is no need to hurt your head in this day and age thanks to Pinterest. A social media site, the platform specializes in bringing together plans and designs from other people. Type in “home office” and see what comes up. Then, use the pins to add your personality and character.

But Be Responsible

Obviously, there will be things on the site which are too difficult or expensive. It all depends on the space and your budget. So, use your common sense and recognize when a renovation is out of the question. For example, this rustic design is difficult to replicate because you need the room.

However, the shipping container office below is entirely possible with a CONEX box for sale. It might seem the harder of the two yet it’s less hassle because there is a ton of space and the exterior already has the wow factor.


Let There Be Light

It’s summertime so there is no need to shun the sunshine. All it does is make you moody and irritable. It doesn’t take a clinical psychologist to tell you this will impact your work ethic. Embracing natural light isn’t tricky, either. The key is to remove the blockages from the windows so that the rays can flood the room. You can start by replacing curtains with blinds as the latter aren’t as thick or bulky. Also, move the desk close to the window to get the full benefits. This also allows you to enjoy the sights every now and again.

Add Greens

Not the color but the plants. If you’ve ever worked in a stuffy office, you know about how uncomfortable it is. People don’t focus on working but letting their mind wander. The atmosphere is so stale that it’s impossible to bother about anything. Plants can help because they absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. Consequently, the O2 levels will be high and the brain will stay fresh. There’s a reason plants are linked to happiness.


Do these tips sound like they will help create the sort of office you’ll love?

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