So, you’ve got a big project ahead. Getting started, it is always best to figure out implementation in terms of who will be doing what. As a leader, your time is best spent leading. Many may like to do it all themselves, but projects often fall apart this way. Knowing how to initially approach your project and where you fit best, can be key to amazing results.

Learn First

Maybe you’ve managed large projects in the past or maybe you’re new to all of this. At either point, learning from the pros is always beneficial. It can be hard to see where you are best utilized when in the thick of things. Consultants specialize in helping you learn where you fit in the process of a project and how better to lead it. The constant learning available through excellent training like that offered by Cue the Clients,, can make you a better leader and help you know when to do it yourself, delegate it or automate it.


Outsourcing is one of the best options for any business leader. You are in business to do what you do. Other companies are in business to focus on the things you don’t specialize in and could potentially pull your focus from the big picture. Besides the relief of having pros assisting with crucial parts of your business, outsourcing can also result in cost savings. Having a firm that specializes in specific things often means they have found innovative ways to reduce costs. For instance, when a hotel or gaming property is in new build or remodel, they hire a company like BCI,, to handle everything from warehousing to installation.

Let the pros handle it. The job will be done well and with less stress.

Document Your Success

In my own business dealings with lighting and construction projects, documentation of before and after and all phases in between, has been a great showcase and learning tool. Few things really make results stand out like showing people a perspective they hadn’t considered. This documentation has been an amazing way to secure new clients and help lead subsequent projects.

Using a drone to get a different viewpoint, has been amazing. Seeing things from above can change the perspective and really highlight success. For a high-quality drone, click here. Have fun with it! They are awesome.

Hopefully, these tips will help offer a guide and resources to make your next project awesome.

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