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The e-commerce industry continues to grow each year. Last year alone, it grew by around 32 percent compared to the year before, which is the fastest so far in the past decade. The pandemic may have helped this growth as stores started selling online due to the authorities’ restrictions.

With this, you may be interested in setting up your e-commerce business. Here are some business ideas you may want to consider when you dive into the e-commerce industry.

Setting Up an E-commerce Store

But before offering anything, you should set up an e-commerce store where you’ll sell the products. You have several e-commerce platforms to choose from depending on your coding knowledge and skills. Among the more popular options are Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and BigCommerce.

Some of these platforms require some coding knowledge, while others are user-friendly that you only need a domain name and website hosting. Basic designs on the website are already suitable for you to sell products online. But you can also enhance their look by hiring professionals to do it for you.

For instance, you can work with an agency that creates stores using web development tools from Shopify. These agencies can enhance the look of your website and make it user-friendly. Additionally, they can also make your e-commerce stand out in the market.

When you’ve set up your e-commerce site, it’s time to select the products to sell online. Here are some product ideas you can consider.

Second-Hand Products

Selling second-hand but good-quality products will always have a place in the market. People are always on the lookout for bargains, and they normally buy used-but-not-abused products in the market. With this, you can start checking your cabinets for any items that you can sell online. These items can include clothing, furniture, and jewelry.

After selling what you have at home, you can also visit any open thrift shops to source your products. Just make sure the thrift shop doesn’t have a website, or else you’ll be competing with the place where you’re sourcing your items. Additionally, the price should be reasonable enough to entice visitors to buy your products.

Educational Content

If you’re a teacher, you can create a course that you can sell online. Since many schools worldwide have implemented remote learning arrangements, you can offer courses that may help learners while they’re taking lessons online. The content may range from elementary-level lessons to university courses.

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