By Lina Martinez

What is more important than having an attractive shop front is a high footfall area for most business these days? It is having an active online presence in the form of a website. In fact, to achieve this, it is essential that you focus on the following key aspects. Keep reading to find out what they are.

funneling system

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One critical aspect of getting your website to work harder for you is to use a funneling system. This concerns how the website is structured, as well as content placement, all of which is designed to appeal to potential customers that are at different levels of engagement along the sales process. For example, good websites will have different type of contents that will interest, nurture, convert and retain customers respectively.

In fact, you could say that there is something for everyone regarding content. Although it is also essential that it not become too generalized, as an approach tailored specifically to your business’s target demographic. The reason being that this has been proved to be much more effective than a generalized approach when it comes to sales and marketing.

Brilliant landing pages

You can also get your website to work harder for your business by ensuring that your landing page is as effective as possible. Luckily there are quite a few different things you can do to ensure this.

One is A/B testing where you have two different options and then see which is the most effective for collecting lead and closing sales. ┬áThe next is using targeted pop-ups to draw the customer’s attention and present special offers just at the right time.

Having a good landing page can make all the difference.

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Yes, such functions are on the more complicated end of the website creation spectrum, but happily, you can also use tools like this landing page creator on WordPress to help you make them. Something that means such developments are accessible for all, and not just those that are well versed in professional web design and coding.

Chat boxes

Last, of all, don’t forget that attrition is a major issue regarding your company website. Attraction is where visitors end up clicking away before you can carry out a valued action, such as collecting their information or making a sale.

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One way to reduce this problem and make your site work harder for you is to include some simple and easy ways for customers to contact you and make any queries they have. Chat boxes are particularly good for this because of their instant nature. What this means is that customers can get immediate replies to any questions they have, something that is reassuring to them and can help your business to close sales.

Of course, it’s also a boon to have such an easy line of communication with your customers because it can help you respond better to their needs and feedback on your website. Something that can help you improve it further, and ensure that your site is working as hard as possible for the success of your business.

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