By Sharon Jones

When it comes to making a success of any business, the first thing on your mind should be first impressions when it comes to the exterior of your commercial property. Remember that this is the first thing that potential clients, partners and other individuals bearing business opportunities will see. Not only will it give them a feel for how your company and brand present themselves to the outside world, but it is an image that will last in their memory, while they are making their way to the meeting room, engaging with you, occupying their thoughts as they leave, and coming to mind every time you and your business spring to their mind. So make it positive. Here are just a few ways that professional landscaping can transform your company’s space into an impressive and attractive entity in its own right.

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First things first, you need to ensure that anyone entering your commercial property has a clearly visible, unobstructed walkway to enter the building. Any meeting that commences late due to your guest getting lost on your company’s grounds or en route into the building isn’t getting off on the right foot. You will have been kept waiting, and the individual you are engaging with will be flustered or frustrated, having made it to the general area on time only to find themselves lost at the last hurdle. Concrete slabs are preferable, as gravel or other types of loose flooring can pose a trip hazard and be difficult to navigate in certain types of footwear. It can also cast up dust and dirt when dry.


Adding some well-kept greenery to your exteriors gives your business a more approachable and natural touch. The key to this, however, is to keep everything prim and proper. Overgrown lawns and out of control foliage is never a good look. So, bring in a professional landscape architect who will be able to design the perfect layout for your professional gardens while suggesting the most appropriate trees and plants that will bloom in your given area. You should also employ a gardener around once a fortnight to give everything a neaten up and keep things in shape.


Statues are an eye catching statement piece that can be used to exemplify your business’ area of expertise or specialism. Say, for example, you deal in golfing goods. A bronze golfer statue, such as those found at, will give any visitors comfort that they are in the right place, as well as demonstrating your dedication to the area and adding a touch of luxury and expense to your brand at the same time.

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Water Features

Water features are, again, an extra addition that can make your exteriors radiate opulence and luxury. This again goes towards making your brand stand out as a serious competitor in its field. These can vary from the small to the grandiose. So choose wisely depending on the space you have available. Bear in mind the running expenses when choosing a design too.

These different additions to your company’s exterior will draw all the right kinds of attention to you, your services and your brand. It will also provide you and your employees or coworkers with a more agreeable and attractive place to work. It’s win-win!

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