By Nigel Hilton

When it comes to building a business from scratch, many entrepreneurs become overwhelmed with the tasks ahead and forget to pay attention to small details that make a huge difference in their reputation and branding. Below you can find out more about the commonly forgotten details that can potentially change the outlook of your new business.

  1. Business Stationery

You might think that in the digital age, you don’t need a business card or a leaflet, let alone invoice pads. You are likely to come across customers who prefer written communication, and are not techies. To accommodate their needs, you might want to invest in some cheap business checks and add some branding messages. You need to grab the opportunity to get your name out everywhere you can, let it be the internet or a printed magazine.

  1. Professional Profile

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You must look and act professional at all times. This means that you need to create a professional page on LinkedIn and other sites, including directories and social media. The more information you show your potential customers about your company, the more likely they will trust you. The main issue with online businesses is that anyone can claim fame without having to prove it. If you can showcase your skills online and offline, you are more likely to gain your customers.

  1. Requesting Feedback

When you make your first sales or get your first customers, you are likely to be too preoccupied with the job, and fail to request a feedback. This is a huge mistake. To make your business more successful, you need to overcome the fear of asking for recommendations and feedback. Today’s customers are looking for reviews on social media, and if you have none, your search engine rankings and reputation will suffer.

  1. Transparency of the Website

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We all want a flashy website that captures the attention of the customer, but hardly ever create it wearing the potential client’s head. Make sure you know what their main concerns and questions are and answer them on the landing page, instead of forcing them to scroll through several pages. The sooner they can get the answer to their question, the more likely they will be to contact you for a quote or place an order.

  1. A Clear Social Media Account

Some entrepreneurs fail to review their personal social media account before they start a business. When their potential customers look them up, they don’t look professional, at all. Clear up your profile from negative comments, bad language,and those drunk night out photos if you are serious about your business. Make sure your personal profile reflects your brand’s values and mission, as much as it can.

It is important that you pay attention to the details and maintain the good reputation of your startup business. Make sure that you check your social media posts, build a professional profile on LinkedIn, and focus on increasing your brand’s reputation every day. Make your website straightforward and transparent, and you will beat the competition.


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