By Nigel Hilton

Sorry to say it, but sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Or, for the benefit of this article at least, on the other side of your town divide. You may have visited somewhere new, decided you like the place, and seen first hand how the people living there may be happier than you in your current situation. There may be less crime, for starters. People may be genuinely nice to each other in the street. Oh, and the grass may actually be cleaner because there is less pollution destroying the environment. So, should you move?

Before you make any drastic decisions, perhaps the area you live in isn’t that bad. Perhaps you are bored and in need of a change of scenery. Sometimes an extended holiday may be in order, giving you the opportunity to get away from it all for a short time. You might want to give your home a makeover too, see https://www.realsimple.com, giving you the chance to enjoy the house you come back to each day. Extending your social circle may help as well, meeting new people who share the same interests as you. Then there are other neighbourhoods to explore.

On the other hand…

If you are genuinely unhappy in the area where you live, then yes, perhaps it’s time to get out of there. The following reasons are perfectly valid.

Bad neighbours – We can choose the house we live in, but we can’t choose our neighbours. If they go beyond the usual noisy neighbour and are genuinely difficult to live next door too, then moving is a good option. This is also true if your neighbourhood is overrun with people you struggle with. If your local area has taken a downturn, and economic conditions have changed, you may be living alongside a range of undesirable people in place of the folks who used to live in your vicinity.

Crime – The crime rate probably went up if you have the neighbours we just mentioned! Seriously though, if you are worried about your safety, perhaps because of high burglary rates, vandalism, and violence on the streets, you should move, for your sake, and for that of your family.

Cost of living – Money is a massive cause of stress, and if you can no longer afford to live in your property, you should consider moving. There is advice in one of our previous articles on this very matter, https://jerrymooneybooks.com/, so follow the link. Moving to another neighbourhood in your town may be the answer, but if house prices are consistently high, and other issues prevail, it may be worth extending your search beyond the borders.

But remember…

The grass may be greener, but every town has its problems. Don’t leave expecting paradise. We were intrigued by the quaint town of Sweetgrass – see http://sweetgrass.com/blowingrock/ – and while living there seems undeniably attractive, it may not be right for everybody. So consider what you want from a new area before you move anywhere new. Somewhere cheaper? Better amenities? Peace and quiet? It is possible to get all of these things, but will you get perfection? No, probably not. Still, anywhere is better than the town you came from if you identified with some of the issues we raised, but don’t rush your decision until you are sure. You are trying to make life better for yourself, after all, so don’t run headlong into a place with a new set of problems.


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