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If your business sits squarely in the sports market then you will probably have big competition. The world of sports is huge and so many people want to make it in the industry. Sports brings in a lot of money per year and the Sports industry is the second fastest growing sector for brands, outpacing the GDP growth of most countries. It is also believed that the sports industry in America will reach $85 billion in 2021. So what makes it so popular? More importantly, what is going to drive your business into the realms of popularity? Some first key things to note for your sporting business are the following:

  • Identify & Define – What type of business do you have any what specific sport are you targeting (if any).
  • Market Research – Who are you attracting and what is going to attract them to you.
  • Be Creative – This may seem tricky in the world of sport but creativity is still key.
  • Check out the Competition – Who are your competitors and what are they doing to make their business work? How are they bringing customers in and what are they offering? Know all your competitors inside out.
  • Hire the Right Employees – Your employees are the most important aspect. If you run sports classes, you want people to love their trainers and if they work in your gym, they need to be personable and friendly. Your personal trainers also need to have passion about what they’re doing. 
  • Social Media is Your Friend – Get social and online as this is a great way to reach out to people and see what they need. 

In addition to this, your premises have to look top-notch. Any type of sporting facility needs to look modern and spic and span. That sells! People want mod cons and easy facilities as well as a great place to get fit and enjoy their hobbies. If you have an outdoor area, get it looking amazing. Look at artificial turf installation companies and get the area outside looking impeccable. 

Your strategy is key. You need clear goals and need to focus on what you want in the business. Once you have a great place of work and the business is coming in, it could always be doing better. Reevaluate your strategy and see what could work best for you. Competitive strategy is the search for a really good position in the industry. It also aims to establish a profitable, sustainable advantage against others in the game arena and give you a leg up in the industry. It’s a tough one to crack, so what can you do to make sure you stand out? Don’t undersell yourself or charge less, because you know your worth but it’s good to look at where you can make cuts and improve things for the better to make your customers happy and also keep your staff happy. They are going to be the ones who make or break you. Have a strict employment strategy too; and you’ll be on the road to success. 

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