The Cayman Islands have got to be heaven on earth with a thousand possible things you can do, the kinds of people you are bound to meet, and the wonderful adventures that await you. With its three major islands: the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman—you will never run out of opportunities to explore the tropical nature of this majestic place and the awesome marine culture.

In line with that, The Cayman Islands boast some of the world’s best beaches and snorkeling adventures. So, we have rounded up and narrowed down the choices to four of the best beaches to relax at and participate in snorkeling adventures:

  • Get close with the starfishes at Starfish Point


With its shallow waters of up to 1.5 meters, Starfish Point at North Sound is a perfect haven for the starfishes. The best thing about it? The admission is FREE! The Starfish Point, as its name suggests, boasts wild starfishes which have the total freedom to live there as they please so the number of starfishes that you will see at your preferred schedule may vary. Here are some factors to take mental note of when you go there:


  • You may encounter some locals who will gladly take you on a tour to the Starfish Point via boat and this is preferred by most tourists as driving for an hour on an unfamiliar road can seem daunting to them. Whereas if you travel via boat, it’s faster, more efficient, and you can exchange stories with the locals.   
  • You are not allowed to take the starfish out of the water and it is illegal as it puts them under immense stress. You would still be able to take beautiful photographs of them with credits to the crystal clear waters.
  • The place is in a remote location. Therefore, prepare to bring snacks, sunscreen, and water beforehand.


  • Swim with the stingrays at Stingray City


If you’ve never seen a stingray in person, then it would be best to see it in the Caribbean. The Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman is a go-to place for all tourists looking for a simple adventure such as swimming with these wide-winged underwater creatures. Here’s what you need to know when you plan to go there:

  • It wasn’t their place of origin. Decades ago, these southern stingrays started flocking to the area when a fisherman would clean the guts of his fishes along the sandbar. Feasting on the opportunity, the stingrays found a new home where they can survive and be fed.
  • The stingrays are used to having humans around them. In fact, they associate the distant sound of a motorboat as a signal that food is coming.
  • Stingray City Sandbar is now their natural habitat. If you want a photo taken with dozens of stingrays around you, then you should visit this place!


  • Spend the day at the beach at bioluminescent bay


Enjoying the beach is a top to-do on anyone’s vacation list. How to transform a relaxing day at the beach into more of an adventure? Enjoy the beach at bioluminescent bay. Here’s what you need to know about this experience:

  • You can sign up for a fun eco-friendly tour and there will be guides who know where to find these “living lights.”
  • You can bring your whole family to this experience! Run your hands through the water and see the beautiful glow of these microorganisms.
  • No experience necessary for this activity, however, swimming is prohibited to preserve the creatures as chemicals on your skin and hair may not be damaging to you, but may be damaging to them. Also, there could be instances of jellyfish swimming around so instances of stinging may occur.


  • Go snorkeling at Buccaneer’s Beach


Right off Cayman Brac, you can go diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear water and see all the beautiful coral formations along with the flourishing school of fishes swimming around you. Here are some additional activities that you can do while you’re at it:

  • You can also try snorkeling on the north side of the island which is called Radar Reef. It is a tad bit rocky here so protection for your feet is needed.
  • Many tourists look forward to this activity whenever they’re in Cayman Brac


See, you’ll always find ways to keep yourself busy when you’re in the Cayman Islands on a caribbean lifestyle holiday. With its abundance of nature and natural resources and limitless opportunities for snorkeling adventures,  you will always find yourself enjoying every second spent in this place.

George was born in the Cayman Islands, and has a passion for writing about the best things to do in the Cayman Islands and about a caribbean lifestyle. He travels a lot, and blogs to his audience about his journeys.


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