Business owners face an array of threats. While it may not be possible to secure and protect your company against every attack, breach or disaster, there are steps you can take to minimize risks. Here is some useful advice for business owners keen to make protection a priority.

Securing your business premises

Whether you run an office-based business, you own or rent a warehouse or a store, or you have a chain of restaurants, beauty salons or healthcare practices, it’s crucial to secure your business premises. Often, commercial ventures are attractive propositions for thieves keen to make money, with stock, machinery, technology and supplies a valuable haul. There are multiple ways you can protect your premises, from investing in security measures and deterrents to limiting entry to trusted personnel. Taking advantage of services like Swiftpro’s trusted ID card solutions and installing barriers or security gates can help you prohibit unauthorized personnel from entering. You can also reduce the risk of break-ins by fitting CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and outdoor lighting. If you are worried about expensive items, or stock that could potentially be dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands, it’s also wise to consider hiring a security firm. 

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Investing in insurance

Running a business carries risks, and sometimes, life isn’t plain sailing. Natural disasters, theft and fires can all put the future of a company at risk. You might also suffer if your employees make mistakes or they display negligent behavior. As nothing is certain, it’s critical to take out business insurance. You can insure your premises and any stock, supplies or machinery and tools you own, as well as taking out policies to cover you if clients make a complaint. Look for insurance providers that specialize in your industry, and think carefully about your requirements. Generally speaking, the more expensive the policy, the more comprehensive it is. It is worth using the Internet and making some calls to compare prices and plans before you make a decision. 

Reducing the risk of cybercrime

Cybercrime is one of the most significant threats to businesses today. When you read about high-profile data breaches in the news, it’s easy to assume that hackers will only go after large-scale corporations. This is simply not the case, and companies of all sizes are at risk. Research suggests that the global cost of cybercrime will rise to $6 trillion by 2021. It’s essential to protect against cybercrime to minimize the risk of losing money, to shield sensitive customer data and to maintain a good reputation. If your systems are breached, your customers might not feel safe using your business again, and they might defer to a competitor. Make sure your network is secure and provide all your staff with training. Employees should be encouraged to choose passwords that are hard to guess and to change them on a regular basis, and policies and procedures should be updated frequently.  

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As a business owner, the last thing you want is for the future of your firm to be threatened by a robbery, a natural disaster, an employee error or a cyberattack. It might not be possible to avoid every issue, but making protection a priority will make a positive difference. 

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