By Jerry Mooney

Managing a team is something that many people end up doing if they want to progress through their career. Eventually, you end up in a leadership position, responsible for other people, among other things. Although you might have leadership experience already, being a manager isn’t always a walk in the park. If your team doesn’t seem to be working well together, you need to find ways to get them gel more effectively.

Be a Strong Leader

A strong team needs a strong leader. Although it’s not entirely up to you how well your team works together, you are the one who provides guidance and support. If you think your leadership skills need some improvement, consider taking a course.

Encourage Learning

You might not be the only one who still has things to learn. Perhaps your team members are ready to get some work done, but you notice they’re lacking in some of the skills they need. Encourage them to keep learning and plugging their skills gaps too, and you can improve their performance.

Give Your Team Members Responsibility

Encouraging your team members to commit to what you’re doing can sometimes be hard. One of the keys is to make them care more about their work. Giving them more responsibility can help with this because they feel like they’re trusted to do a good job.

Improve Your Communication

Poor communication is at the heart of many a team’s productivity problems. Finding ways to communicate better could make a huge difference for your team.

Infographic Design By USC Online Master of Communication Management

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