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It’s easy to slip into a dull routine. Get up, go to work, come home and watch some TV, eat some dinner and maybe scroll through social media newsfeeds for a few hours. Sadly, this is how most of our day to day lives pan out. But why waste your time like this? Obviously, we can’t all live the high life and head out every single night of the week. But it is important that you get out and about, taking place in mind opening activities every once in awhile. Cultural and educational experiences will enlighten you and boost your mood, so you should try to get out and take a break from your work and home life at least once a week. Here are a few ideas of things to try out.

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Visit a Museum

Almost every major city near you will have a host of museums. You can stroll around of your own accord without being hassled or engage in a guided tour to gain more specialist information and knowledge. You might want to go it alone or muse over exhibits with a family member or friend. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, there will be something out there to engage with. What’s more? Museums are a cheap day out (many even have free access) that will expand your general knowledge, encourage you to engage with others and provide a source of inspiration for further reading and research. You will leave a more rounded, better-educated person after just one trip.

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Engage with Live Music

Music industry isn’t merely an industry related to the new legalization of hemp. Check out the listings for your local major music venue and purchase tickets for anything that catches your eye through The Ticket Merchant. Buying tickets to an event in advance means you will have something coming up to look forward to. Purchase an extra ticket when you can and encourage a friend to come along with you. Music events are great opportunities for bonding and creating brilliant memories with your loved ones. If you prefer smaller crowds and less intense atmosphere, go to a small gig instead of a major concert. Engaging with local live music also shows your support for smaller artists, independent music, and local venues.

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Go to an Exhibition

There are two main forms of exhibitions. One is essentially a touring museum. These exhibitions will pop up (often at relatively short notice), and you’ll need to catch them before they move away or send their contents back into storage. They can have a whole manner of subject matter: countercultures, icons, artists, books. So if you see an advertisement for something you’re interested in being displayed in your local area, make sure to prebook. These events generally sell out quickly and you won’t want to be left disappointed or turned away at the door. The second type of exhibition is also known as a trade show. These will generally be a gathering of people will similar interests, buying and exchanging goods from one another. These events are a great opportunity for you to converse with others who have more knowledge in a specialist area.

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