What is 5G?

5G refers to the new generation of mobile broadband which is expected to phase out current 4G LTE connections. The technology works by using three spectrum bands, and these different bands will affect the way that you use your broadband overall. The first level is low-band spectrum, which offers wall penetration and good coverage, yet only reaches speeds of around 100Mbps. Secondly, there’s a mid-band which has a lower latency and is faster, with top speeds of 1Gbps. Last but not least, you’ve got a high-band spectrum that offers the best performance with 5G. The main drawback of high-band is that the latency is actually lower than the other bands.

The foundation of 5G is made up of all three spectrums. For 5G to operate at high speeds, both mmWave and sub-6 are needed to work together. The technology is available now; however, depending on your wireless carrier, phone and location, you may not be able to make use of it yet. Throughout 2020, more companies are making changes behind the scenes to roll out 5G technology to as many users as possible. Before long your business will be able to make full use of the tech. Let’s consider a few of the benefits to using 5G.

1 . Data speed

5G wireless offers improved data speeds; for instance, peak rates can reach 10Gbps uplink and 20Gbps downlink for each base station. It’s been reported that 4G can hit a max of 100 megabits whereas 5G reaches 10 gigabits. With improved data speeds, your company can transfer vast amounts of data with ease. By improving data speeds, you’ll decrease your downtime and prioritize efficiency.

2. Remote capabilities 

Business owners know that mobile devices allow maximum convenience and the ability to work from wherever you please. When you allow your employees to work remotely, you immediately facilitate increased flexibility, less downtime and increased creativity. Due to the improved data speeds, you’ll save your employees time when accessing your network remotely. With improved remote working possibilities you’ll soon boost productivity.

3. Increased device capacity

Any network is only capable of serving a set amount of transmissions and devices at the same time. It’s been estimated that for every square kilometre 5G can serve as many as one million devices. The technology relies upon a larger spectrum band which means increased radio frequencies and more transmissions at once. These data transmissions are faster than 4G networks due to the higher frequencies used.

4. Enhanced efficiency

Spectral efficiency refers to the best use of bandwidth so that max data amounts are transmitted with minimal errors. It’s believed that 5G can offer improved efficiency when compared with LTE.

Entrepreneurs must consistently strive to make productive use of their time. Keeping on top of the latest advancements in tech will allow your company to do things faster and with increased creativity. When you adopt high-level tech to support your operations, you’ll find that you’ll improve the efficiency of your company.

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