Businesses are facing an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has forced countless companies to shut down momentarily, and some may have no choice but to remain shut. But people still need to rely on your services and products for their everyday needs. As a result, if your business provides essentials, you need to explore the potential of digitalized and modernized processes to stay open for your customers and employees. 

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You need to streamline activities with technology

Businesses face a double challenge during the COVID-19 crisis. Firstly, they need to do everything they can to reduce interactions with their employees and customers. This implies ensuring your processes can be digitized safely. Being able to check and access customers’ data without reaching out for the filing cabinet at the back of the office is a game-changer! Secure digital storage can help you to stay relevant online. 

Additionally, you can also use digital tools to streamline and automate your processes, helping your team to achieve more with fewer manual and physical interventions. 

Make it easy for customers to buy online

More and more customers need to order online to limit the risks of going out. However, what this means is that you have to provide a secure and effective payment method for your site. Consequently, understanding PSD2 to establish a safe online payment service that authenticates customers effectively can support digital commerce activities. You also want to invest in a delivery tracking tool that keeps people informed about their parcel journey. Indeed, the surge of orders is causing a slowdown in deliveries and shipments. Now more than ever, your customers need to know when to expect their parcels. 

Working together from different offices

If you’ve been working with your team in the same office until now, businesses that go into self-isolation are discovering how to set up their teams for remote work in a matter of days. Ideally, what do you need to make it work? The answer is: Not as much as you think. Your employees need a secure Internet connection and a working device such as a desktop or a laptop.

Additionally, by that point, you should have sorted out your accessible and secure digital storage, using a cloud account. You can make sure to add collaboration tools to keep the team connected. Slack and Trello are favorites that are easy to set up and implement. 

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A great big digital family

The first thing your team will notice when they work from home is how productive they will be able to be when they can avoid all unnecessary office interruption. The second thing is loneliness. It’s essential to make time for social exchanges throughout the day to help your team feel united. Why not create a space for people to chat and share photos of their day-to-day routines, for instance? Your employees miss the socialization part of office life when they’re at home. 

Digitizing your business processes and embracing the potential of virtual teams and online purchases is now a priority in the current situation. Businesses that can implement the necessary changes to keep their employees and customers safe have got a better chance to see it through the end of the crisis and avoid the worst when it comes to financial consequences. In the meantime, stay safe and look after your people as best as you can. 

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