by Lina Martinez

Right now, you could be sitting at your desk, doing a job that you despise and wondering if there is any other option for earning money without doing what you do right now. The answer is yes. Working for yourself and starting a business from home can be the ideal scenario for anyone who is wanting a taste of being their own boss. It can be exciting, fulfilling and overwhelmed all at the same time. Feelings you may not get working for someone and being just a number in a large corporation. However, what makes a successful home business? Here are some of the key ingredients you need to have.

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A fantastic idea

It sounds basic, but you need an idea. There is no point giving up the day job only to work on this after. Your idea needs to be something that you are passionate about, that you believe in, and that ultimately could be turned into a business.

A place to work

Yes, you will be working from home, that’s the whole idea, but having a dedicated place to work can stop the lines of work and home blurring. It may seem like the perfect situation. Sit on the sofa, work from a laptop, heck you don’t even need to wear a suit. But this can negatively affect your mindset and make you less productive. Not to mention the distractions you might be faced with. It could be an office or just a desk, but it could help you concentrate a lot more with the time you have.

Thinking about the general day to day running

Now comes the fundamental factors of running the business, and the things you may want to consider to keep things ticking along and streamlined. At first, your costs will be a priority, so you may want to think about a low cost vps (virtual private server) to help you when it comes to software applications to use within your business. Other factors might be things like search engine optimization within the content on your website and your branding.

Time to create the foundations

Giving up the day job will be a scary prospect. After all, you are losing that guaranteed income and the job security that you have. Laying down the foundation of your business in your spare time is going to help you make an informed choice of when the right time will be to leave your job and do this full time. It may require evening work, or weekends, utilising every spare hour you have. But it will be worth it in the end.


You may want to think about investment options. Some business ideas will require you to think about upfront costs, such as creating products or having the tools you need to provide services. Speaking to your bank or an investor could help with this.


Finally, the last thing I think every budding entrepreneur and business owner needs is a bit of courage. It is something you never know you have until you take risks and show strength. Good luck.

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