Our bodies are just so complex, that simply one article talking about them just isn’t going to be enough. But at this moment in time, we now know more about our bodies than humans could have ever imagined before. We now know the complex systems that make us who we are, and why we can be so vulnerable to some of the deadliest diseases out of any species. Our bodies are amazing, and they do so much for us that we don’t even realize. We just get on with our daily lives, taking for granted all of the delicate systems that are working together to keep us going. So if you don’t understand much about the human body, and you’re interested in knowing a bit about the science behind who we are, then have a read on and find out more.

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Our DNA is what makes us who are are. It is short for deoxyribonucleic acid, and it is made of up a string of molecules that form together in a double helix twist. It is full of all of the genetic information that makes us who we are. From the hair color we have, to the size of our hands, to the way we think. It literally is just everything about us. We now understand more about how other molecules in our body, such as protein, interact with DNA by using chip-seq kits and other equipment. It is this understanding that helps us to know what might affect our bodies, and what might cause defects. Because the human body is resistant to so much, but if there is a defect in the DNA during the development stage in the womb, it could cause all sorts of problems for us. Your DNA will also have some chromosomes from your mother’s side, and some from your fathers, which is why you inherit some of the characteristics that they have, such as hair or eye color.

How Our Systems Work Together

Once our DNA has made us who we are, it’s down to the systems that we have been born with to keep us alive and well. The body is full of so many complex systems, so we can’t go into too much detail. But the main three systems that work together are the; cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal. The cardiovascular system includes the heart and lungs. Clean oxygen filters into the lungs which power out muscular system to keep us moving. We then carry carbon dioxide filled blood through the heart and out when we breathe to keep our system within a safe level of carbon dioxide. Our skeletal system is supported by the muscular system, and forms a protection for our vital organs, as well as keeping us on the move.

What Can Affect Them

There are so many different things to can affect the two areas we’ve spoke about. For the DNA, it can only really be affected when the fetus is developing, but any birth defects will become prominent during the first few weeks. As for our systems, the many diseases and illnesses are the biggest threat at the minute. So much can go wrong simply from a wrong cell mutation!

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