Being a manager of any level can be extremely stressful. Not only does it cause stress while you are at work, but it can also cause you to be stressed at home, and long hours can put a strain on personal relationships. Sometimes it is helpful for managers to get some support through therapy to learn how to cope with their stressful existence.

However, especially for managers getting counseling might prove to be extremely difficult. With most in-person counselors working typical business hours, it can be extremely difficult to find the time or inclination to actually follow through, even if you know that a therapist can help you. For this and many other reasons, many managers are turning to Telehealth for counseling.


Scheduling is the number one reason that managers do not follow through with seeking out a counselor or therapist. When you work a lot of hours and most of those hours are during the typical business day, it can seem impossible to make time for therapy. In addition to your management responsibilities you also likely have obligations in your personal life to consider.

Telehealth counselors are often available much more frequently outside of business hours. You may be able to meet with your therapist through telehealth before your work day starts, or after your work day is over, regardless of when that may be. You may also be able to get help on a flexible schedule that allows for the occasional missed session time due to unexpected management duties.


Some people prefer that no one knows that they are seeing a therapist, and managers are even more likely to have this point of view. If you are a business owner or have a prominent position in your company and community, you probably don’t want people to see you entering the building of mental health professionals.

With telehealth counseling you can see a therapist from literally anywhere. You can lock the door of your office, sit in your car in an abandoned parking lot, go into an unused meeting room, or go into your bedroom or office at home. All you need to participate in counseling through telehealth is a smart device like a phone or tablet, or a laptop, connected to data or the internet. Most managers have these tools available to them at all times and locations of their choosing. If you’re using a business device for the session you can delete your browsing history when the session is over for additional protection.

Short-Term Services

Many therapists prefer to keep patients in therapy for several months or more. However, with telehealth you have much more flexibility. It is very easy to use telehealth to talk to a therapist to get advice on a certain situation in your life without committing to long-term therapy services. This is often the most convenient way for managers to get help during particularly stressful periods, such as around the holidays.

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