When running a new business it can be easy to forget about the importance of your and your employee’s mental health. But the way that thinks, feel and behave can have a dramatic impact on office morale, productivity and the day-to-day running of your workplace. Helping yourself and your employees achieve optimum mental health could be one of the most important factors when it comes to the health and success of your entire business.

The Real Cost Of Mental Health

In a world where more and more of our workforce are being treated for or currently suffering from a mental illness, it is important that it is something that you will more than likely have to address within your workplace at some time or another. An issue like mental illness and substance abuse issues can cause you money in the long run so it is important that you tackle them head on and in an open and honest manner. After all, issues such as increased absence, lack of engagement and health-related issues that arise from issues such as anxiety and depression can affect your bottom line. Helping you and your team stay mentally healthy and strong is a great way to have a flourishing and productive business. Here we’ve outlined a few tips to ensure that you have a strong and fit workplace.

Encourage A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Encouraging staff to come in early and leave late is not the key to a successful company. Reports have shown that employees feel that they are under increasing pressure to work longer and longer hours, in fear of being seen as lazy or unmotivated. However, it is shown that in companies such as this, staff are usually burnt out, stressed out and demotivated. Which has a negative impact on overall productivity and morale? Let your employees follow from your example, like Cynthia Telles and take regular holidays, arrange staff days out and have a wide range of hobbies outside of work. Get to know your employees and encourage them to take on holidays or to go and see that musician they like or even start painting again. It’ll help you build a genuine rapport with your staff as well as opening up important channels of communication. Don’t expect your employees to be available late into the evening or during weekends. Unless there is an emergency there is nothing that cannot wait until Monday. Encouraging your employees to ‘work to live’ instead of ‘living to work’ will create an environment full of happy, healthy and productive staff.

Keep An Open Discussion Regarding Mental Health

Open up the channels of communications within your business by ensuring that you bring up any issues related to stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns. By talking about it you ensure that your team knows that everyone is affected by mental health issues at some time or another or has dealt with it with their family and friends.  Let your team leaders know of signs and symptoms they can look for regarding psychological problems or distress and educate them on how to deal with it tactfully, appropriately and with care. An understanding conversation could be the difference between making a colleague feel alone or willing to seek help.

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