Every friendship group or family has that one person that always gets ribbed about their driving skills. Everyone always talks about how bad they are behind their backs, and it’s just common knowledge that no one really wants to get in the car with them.


If you’re sitting there thinking ‘hmm, no one ever talks to me about the bad driver in our group’ then it’s because you’re the bad driver! They’re not talking to you because they’re talking about how bad you are behind your back. No one wants to live with the tag of ‘bad driver’ so to help improve your skills, here are some things you should never do.


Drive while under the influence

Let’s start with an easy one; never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Why? Well, that’s pretty obvious, but I’ll hit you with some hardcore facts to drive the point home. There’s a stat, which you can see at Hughey Law Firm, which says DUI accidents account for over 31% of all auto accident fatalities. This is no laughing matter, drink driving kills. You have no real control over the car when you drive under the influence, so just don’t do it – simple!

Leave your braking until the last minute

A telltale sign of a bad driver is someone that always ends up coming to an emergency stop during a situation where there is absolutely no need for it. This usually happens when you leave your braking until the very last minute and slam your foot down to avoid smashing the car in front of you. Why do you do it? Who knows, but it has to stop. Never do this, learn how to brake correctly and safely.

Use your phone while driving

Again, another obvious one; don’t text or Snapchat or FaceTime someone while driving. This makes you a bad driver because you don’t watch the road and end up swerving around everywhere and almost getting into crashes. Your passengers are all absolutely terrified, so never do this!


Drive excessively fast

Probably the main reason your friends and family think you’re a terrible driver is that you drive too fast. You’re a boy racer, you love putting your foot to the floor and seeing how fast you can get from A to B. Most people are guilty of speeding a little bit, but if you’re always way over the limit, then it’s never going to be good. You put others at risk, you shorten the time you have to react (which leads to the point about braking too late), and you end up being an awful driver.

If you want to improve your driving skills and shake off the ‘bad driver’ tag, then never do any of the things mentioned above. They’re all dangerous things that terrible drivers do. It sounds simple, but by not doing them, you’re automatically a better driver. Driving isn’t difficult at all, if it were, then there’d be far fewer cars on the roads! To be a good driver, you only need to be one thing; sensible.


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